Week of June 22, 2024

  • Roseau Man Sentenced for Child Criminal Sexual Conduct

    Ryan Honl

    by Ryan Honl Danny Lee Hamilton, 61, was convicted on June 17 for Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct of a Child who was 15 years old. Hamilton pleaded guilty in April. According to a statement of probable cause, Hamilton's girlfriend reported on February 26, 2023, that her minor child had been molested by him. Sheriff's Office Investigator Jeff Nelson arranged for a social worker to interview the child at Social Services. The child told a social worker that Hamilton had given the child a back rub...

  • Bands at the Gazebo Every Thursday This Summer

    Ryan Honl

    by Ryan Honl Not only does Roseau have one of the best gazebos in the state, it has some great quality bands playing every summer. The season kicked off on Thursday, June 13. It was a beautiful day with enough people watching and listening to fill the wide lawn. People even drive over on their golf carts and ATVs to watch; parking on that lawn to enjoy the festivities. There's seating at the front available and many folks bring their own comfortable chairs with them. Christine Sibilleau, a...

  • Newest Badger Grad Is In the Army Now

    Jeff Olsen

    by Jeff Olsen Marissa Secord doesn't pull any punches. No, she's not a Golden Glove boxer. She just says it like it is. Recently, after her first two weeks of basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, she wasn't complaining about the food. Her family tree has an impressive tradition of service in the Army. On Friday, May 31, Christina Norskog answered her cellphone and remarked that her daughter, Marissa, had enlisted in the regular Army for three and a half years. Mom is happy with her...

  • 75 years ago… Local man struck by lightning

    Carrie Johnson

    45 years ago – June 22, 2019 Eldridge “Al” Buffum, 68, of Roseau passed away peacefully at his daughter Antoinette’s home in Canyon, on June 12 after a short battle with a very aggressive cancer. He owned the Roso Theatre for many years and was known for his generosity. Newell and Carol Broten of Roseau were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on June 14. Eva Grafstrom of Salol celebrated her 1st birthday on June 13 with her family and really enjoyed her cake. The Roseau Clay... Full story

  • The New Dog Park is Now Open

    Ryan Honl

    by Ryan Honl The new Roseau dog park located right after the 11th Avenue curve next to the diversion ditch on the southeast side of town is now open! The park is free for anyone to use. There are benches for people, doggy bags to clean up waste, and bins to put the bags in. There is a main gate to walk through and then a gate for each area for dogs over 30 pounds and another for dogs under 30 pounds. Come out and get some exercise for you and your furry... Full story

  • Summer History Camp Held In Warroad

    Laurel Latham

    by Laurel Latham The 2nd annual Warroad History Camp was held in Warroad, June 10-14, for kids ages 9-12 years old. Morning sessions were held from 9 a.m. to noon. Afternoon sessions were held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. "Last year we only had room for 12 kids to attend History Camp," explained Brady Swenson, Museum Manager at Warroad Heritage Center. "We had so many more requests from parents who wanted their children to attend, so this year we ran two classes. Our plan was to have 12 kids in each...

  • My Coffee Tastes Better

    Ryan Honl

    It's funny that the Democrats do everything in their power to chip away at the Second Amendment, but the hypocrisy on their part is what I would describe as "quite rich." Law abiding citizens have to give up their guns...except when it's President Biden's crackhead son who purchased a gun while addicted to a variety of illegal drugs and then lied about it on government forms. So of course yet again we get an example of Democrats wanting to let criminals go while law abiding citizens are...

  • Gooseberry Falls 2021 and 2024

    Jodi Wojciechowski

    Tom Palen suggested we check out Gooseberry Falls since the recent rains had made it a sight to see! He was correct! We went and saw the falls in 2021 and it was DRY! We could walk everywhere. The water was barely trickling that year. This year it was fast and furious. The water was high and bubbling. In 2021 where we had walked was now underwater. Rhubarb Butter Ingredients 4 stalks of rhubarb (about 4 cups) 1 apple, cored and cut into chunks 1/2 cup honey 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/4–1/2...

  • Welcome to this week's headliners

    Jeff Olsen

    Never saw it coming. Last week, I easily could have done a piece on Father's Day and the fathers who make a difference. Take Roseau's Dave Hovda, a great guy who's always there for his kids, now all grown up and middle-aged. He's also a grandpa every grandkid should have, kind of like an old shoe that comfortable to be around. He's an old teddy bear with a great laugh and a heart of gold who taught his three children the important life lessons. They're all hardworking and productive citizens -... Full story

  • Are you in a Thinking Trap? Part 1

    Julie Elick

    Are you conflicted? Thoughts are the things that we say to ourselves without speaking out loud (self-talk). We can have many thoughts every hour of the day. We all have our own way of thinking about things, and how we think has a big effect on how we feel. I saw the following questionnaire on line. I am going to use it as a launching off point for this column. If you have a notebook or journal, write out the following questions. When you notice yourself getting more anxious, that is the time to...

  • The "U-Turn" with a "Yes" instead of a "No"!

    Pastor Joe 1940-2021

    Numbers of times during my travels over the years I have come across signs which read: "No U-Turn". Sometimes these signs are accompanied by the words, "Emergency vehicles only." Now, one might ask, "Why would one want to make a U-Turn if they are already on their way to somewhere else?" Wellllll, maybe just because the sign says "No!" Perhaps they have left something undone like turning off the oven before leaving on a 3-week vacation. Maybe they forgot something. Like, when I was on a bus... Full story

  • The Top Shelf

    Tom Palen

    My dad was a tad over six feet tall, while Mom barely hit five feet. Most of my sisters have Mom's short gene, and none of the boys hit six feet, but in my family, the brothers are taller than my sisters. At 5' 8", I'm not really short, but I'm not tall either. I guess I'm just right. In our house, it was common to hear Mom ask, "Can you get that down for me?" She was referring to something too high to reach in a cabinet. The boys were always happy to help; the girls had the same issue Mom did....

  • Write On: Brylie Petersburg - Wolf Ridge Reflection

    by Brylie Petersburg 7th Grade English/Hr. 2 English Teacher, Grace Novacek Wolf Ridge Reflection As everybody piled onto the bus early that Monday morning, nobody knew what to expect when we arrived at Wolf Ridge and everybody was a little nervous. After the next five days nobody felt the same as when we had arrived and almost everybody was having a good time. Everyone learned something new and will always remember at least one thing from our trip. Wolf Ridge is something that everybody should experience and get to do. Out of all the...

  • "One Nation Above God" Rebuttal

    Terry Leonard

    I intend no disrespect to Mr. Honl or his deep, sincere and admirable faith, however, I was troubled by the reasoning in his "One Nation Above God'' column of June 15. The idea that our country is a “Christian Nation'' defies 236 years of history and jurisprudence since the Constitution and does harm to the rights and privileges of millions of Americans who hold different beliefs. Our Constitution is the legal and political basis of our society and it does not mention God or Christianity anywhere in the document. The First Amendment...

  • Martha Stewart Said

    Sheldon Larson

    Our world is now pretty much green. As Martha Stewart would say. “That is a good thing.” The yard here has had to be mowed five times so far. If memory serves correctly that is the same as all last summer. The rhubarb has now been picked the second time. Rhubarb sauce cooked with raspberry Jell-o is still a favorite. The crops on the fields that are ditched to the max or tiled are looking awesome. If some smooth talking politician can figure out how to cash in they will be preaching global wetting. Cackling Camilla is slow Joe’s...

  • Gale Einar Bergren And Lois Yvonne (Bergren) Makoni

    Roseau- Gale Einar Bergren passed away peacefully May 7, 2024, at LifeCare Roseau Manor at the age of 70 after fighting multiple health conditions over the past few years. He was born in Roseau on May 19, 1953, to Einar and Thyle (Wiegel) Bergren. Gale had one older sister, Lois Yvonne Bergren. Lois was born in Roseau on July 13, 1949. She passed away from cancer, with Gale at her side, at her home in California on 5/30/2018. Gale graduated from Roseau High School in 1971 and then attended...

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