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  • With this week's wacky wonderful world of surprises

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 30, 2024

    On Saturday evening, some pals and I were watching the NCAA D1 wrestling championships on TV. We swore at times when one of our picks went into the tank, and there went somebody's money. The money meant nothing since it was just a 10 spot. It was all about the bragging rights. And then Iowa State's Nate Carr, whom I didn't pick, won his second national championship and quickly donned a scarf with 100% JESUS across his forehead. I wondered if I could sneak by with a 30% JESUS scarf. Or a 10% JESU...

  • Roseau and Warroad players are among hockey elite

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 23, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen Marty Mjelleli, the chairman of the Mr. Hockey Award and a member of the Minnesota All Sports Alliance, is as reliable as a Timex watch. He keeps on ticking year-round on high school hockey and the great caliber of Minnesota players. Recently, Marty laid it out like a dealer with a winning hand. "It's not every year you get two tremendous hockey towns represented on the Mr. Hockey stage," he said, speaking by cellphone. "Capping off tremendous high school careers, Noah Urness and...

  • Logan Kvien had a great NCAA D-II Tournament

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 23, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen Les Kvien, Roseau High School's first state wrestling champion in 1984, was right where he wanted to be on March 15-16 at Hartman Arena in Park City, Kansas. Mr. Kvien, a businessman and professional cribbage player on the side, wasn't playing cribbage those two days. Les and his wife Deb were cheering on their son, Logan, no wrestling slouch either as he competed in the NCAA Division II Wrestling Championships in which his team, McKendree University of Lebanon, Illinois, placed 4t...

  • Davidson Achieves Snowmobile Racing's Highest Honor

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 23, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen Randy Larson, who nominated Corey Davidson for the Snowmobile Hall of Fame, recently explained what stands out about the man from little Holt, Minnesota, who was inducted into the Snowmobile Hall of Fame in St. Germain, Wisconsin, on February 17 at the Whitetail Lodge. "He was a very smooth and competitive racer, and he was also a very good mechanic so he knew how to get speed out of something." Willie Shoemaker, the late Hall of Fame jockey, would have been impressed with Corey....

  • The Big Guy brightens up a special day

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 23, 2024

    It's hard to believe that Richard Mattson and I were born on the same exact date. It's just a coincidence. Richard is one of the good guys in this game of life. I stand in awe of his outstanding achievements. He's a good dude. And I'm the scamp. In the spring of 1993, we were walking down a long hallway in Roseau High School on a Sunday afternoon when he said, "How's it going, young fellow?" I'll be damned, I thought, and suggested that I'm probably older than this bloke who's almost a foot... Full story

  • Wrestlers Sprabary and Cossentine Go the Extra Mile

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 16, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen So, you want to wrestle? Nothing to it. Just jump in the car and drive for 16 hours with a few gas and potty breaks from Roseau to Tulsa, Oklahoma, last Thursday. It was the National Wrestling Youth Duals at the Cox Business Convention Center in Tulsa last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then, it was back in the car for the 16 plus hour drive to Roseau. "Seth wrestled on a 14U team and Weston competed on a 12U team," said Nate Cossentine, mentioning that Seth went 6 & 1 on the...

  • Heaven can wait until I'm good and ready!

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 16, 2024

    Occasionally, I wake up in the middle of the night. It's always the same dream and I'm in Heaven. Let's stop for a moment since many of the Holy Rollers up here are grinding their teeth and muttering, "There's no way in hell that lowlife will ever get into Heaven!" True, but I'm just relating my shock at being in Heaven with a bunch of deadbeats, none of whom I can relate to. What could be worse! I wake up in a cold sweat from this recurrent nightmare. I'm hoping Heaven is split into various...

  • Classy Lady Pulls the Retirement Pin

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 9, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen Diane Roseen, whose age is not important here, was usually the first person you met inside the Roseau County Attorney's Office entry. She always had a smile to greet you and that was even on days when she was dealing with paperwork that would shock an archbishop. A week ago Thursday, February 29, they held a retirement party for her at the Roseau County Courthouse. Earlier, various staff members saluted Diane's outstanding accomplishments. Assistant Roseau County Attorney Mike...

  • Donald Trump Trumps The Field In PNP Vote

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 9, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen Late on Tuesday evening close to 11 p.m., the staff and others walked out of the Roseau County Auditor's Office having experienced a meager voter turnout. It was the November PNP and if that term draws a blank, it was the Presidential Nomination Primary in which Roseau County came up short - very short. County Auditor Martie Monsrud knows the numbers right down to the percentage of this county’s registered voters. "Twelve percent voted," said Ms. Monsrud, who did not describe it a...

  • With Hult and other amazing characters

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 9, 2024

    I run into so many characters that I can sit back and stay relatively sober while wondering, "Who is this stumblebum?" On Monday evening, here came a text from a world traveler who had flown down to Vero Beach, Florida, where he bumped into some classy dame, snapped her photo, and texted it to me on Monday evening. I get this all the time. "She knows you! Her name is Judy Patberg, and she was a Pearson from Roseau." Then he called, put her on the phone, and he would do this even at 2 in the...

  • Grapplers Make Good Copy On and Off the Mat

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 9, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen His nickname should be T-Rex. A week ago Friday just before noon, a report arrived from the Xcel Energy Center from Gary Przekwas, who was covering the State Wrestling Tournament for the Times-Region, mentioning this big Greenbush heavyweight, Treston Nichols, who had made a big impression in the opening round. "He just headlocked and pinned the very good Chatfield heavyweight!" The only way to get an answer in that noisy arena was to text Efrem Novacek, the Greenbush veteran... Full story

  • The Bus Ride Home from State with The Lady Rams

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 2, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen Jasmine Hovda was sitting towards the back of the bus this past Sunday afternoon. She'd had a great tournament and was selected to the Class AA All-Tournament Team. She is a sophomore and was asked the number of goals she scored. "I got three goals and two assists." She briefly chuckled before adding that she got one penalty. "It was my second of the whole year." What'd you do? Kiss the referee? She laughed heartily. Ms. Jasmine Hovda is probably the least penalized on her team.... Full story

  • Seth Cossentine Advances to State Wrestling Tournament

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 2, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen On Saturday afternoon, eighth grader Seth Cossentine would shortly ascend the podium at the Section 8AA Individual Wrestling Tournament in Glyndon, Minnesota. He had won the 145 pound title, one year after he had been the 138-pound runner-up and headed to his first state wrestling tournament at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. Surprisingly, he was the fifth seed in the two-day tournament last weekend. He needed to win three matches and he accomplished that, pinning his first...

  • With a number of characters who made license plates

    Jeff Olsen|Mar 2, 2024

    Last Saturday morning, I came charging out of bed with a smile since I know life is all about chumps, scamps, reprobates, and scoundrels. Right away, I thought of Tallahassee Slim, a Canadian import from Thunder Bay, who reads this rag on occasion. He is a Tory - or is it a Whig - and he tosses this paper into the trash and declares, "Such a disgusting little tramp!" Yes, I am. It was a beautiful morning with all the credit going to Scott Simon on NPR, who is a Chicago native and appreciates...

  • She was dressed perfectly for the job interview

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 23, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen Robyn (née Boroos) Wiskow, a 1978 Roseau High School graduate, knows how to make an impression, then and now. In early February, Stuart McFarlane, the president of Citizens State Bank in Roseau, recalled the day in 1978 although he was still in high school and hadn't been present. "I heard this second-hand. She came over from the swimming pool, the way I understand it, in a two-piece swimsuit and walked into Allen Dallum's office and applied for a job." There was a big smile. "He... Full story

  • Don't Hesitate Because Time Is Running Out

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 23, 2024

    At first, I coveted a pair of Trump's newest business venture. His tennis shoes are selling for a mere $399 a pair, and I wanted some local MAGA supporter to buy me a pair as a demonstration of his or her affection for a total scamp, who is almost shoeless. Here's what politics is really all about: If you lose the election, you're fired. It's the same in any corporation. They walk you out the door carrying a box of family photos and mementos, and then the door slams shut behind you. Good...

  • Turkeys No Longer Come First With This State Representative

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 17, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen A week ago Wednesday, Rep. John Burkel (R-1A) was just days away from the kickoff of the 2024 Minnesota State Legislative session. The Republican, in his fourth year, succeeded fellow Republican Rep. Dan Fabian in 2021. John is not an elderly gentleman, having graduated from Greenbush High School in 1985. "I graduated with all those wrestlers," he said, mentioning Efrem Novacek, one of the legends in that neck of the woods as both a wrestler and a long-time coach. Play basketball... Full story

  • LifeCare Salutes an amazing Caregiver Award Winner

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 17, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen LifeCare Roseau Manor's Robert Honstrom, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) who is a combination of "On the Road With Charles Kuralt", Mr. Rogers at his patients' beck and call and St. Francis of Assisi whether with a timely bedpan or a kind quip, was honored last week in St. Paul as the Northwest Minnesota Caregiver of the Year. Not bad for a gentleman who also works full-time at the Roseau Optometric Clinic, sometimes in just his stocking feet. He was one of seven individuals...

  • Jesus covered my Super Bowl Bets

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 17, 2024

    I looked up towards the ceiling in the first quarter on Sunday as I greedily anticipated that the Chiefs would soon take the lead. But then the KC halfback fumbled the ball maybe at the 10-yard line of the 49ers and I thought, "What in the holy hell is happening?" And then a Jesus ad soothed my soul as I'm pondering if I can manage to cough up 5 bucks to Oliver Ullman, who seldom loses a bet and I will have to pay the lucky bum. Then, there was sunshine with biblical drawings of people washing...

  • Lady Ram wrestler falls just short of State Tournament

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 17, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen What a future 8th grader Morgan Skoien, a first-year competitor, has in girls wrestling. Last Saturday in Bemidji, Morgan, a couple of inches shy of six feet, reached the True Second Match and was close to pinning her Monticello opponent late in the first period when the buzzer sounded. In the second period, her opponent, a well-muscled junior, pinned Morgan to end her fantastic season and the dream of being the first Roseau girl wrestler to advance to state. She instead earned 3rd...

  • Paul Marvin Is Interviewed on NPR's Weekend Edition

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 9, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen Last Saturday, National Public Radio's Scott Simon, a renowned journalist in the broadcasting field, announced that he would shortly be chatting with Marvin Companies CEO Paul Marvin. The five minute interview was enlightening as Mr. Simon mentioned that Mr. Marvin is the CEO of Marvin Windows, a 112-year-old family-owned company in Warroad, Minnesota. Perhaps, Scott was aware that Warroad is situated close to the Canadian border. One of the opening questions by Mr. Scott...

  • The Andersons didn't get married in a hurry

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 9, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen Jared and Erin Anderson of rural Roseau are somewhat of an old married couple, considering they were still teenagers when they tied the knot. And it wasn't a shotgun wedding! Recently, Jared laughed when it was noted that he didn't object about getting married on Valentines' Day, an easy date to remember their wedding anniversary. In high school, it was noted that Erin was somewhat of a spitfire. Maybe you've got her tamed? "No, still trying," he laughed. Erin mentioned that you... Full story

  • As you pass go, collect $200

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 9, 2024

    It must be tough to be beautiful. You wake up every morning, look in the mirror and you're gorgeous. You gaze at the mirror and think wonderful thoughts. "Whose life will I excite this wonderful day? I don't look like that homely broad who works across from me and gets the cold shoulder from the UPS guy. All the handsome men, all adorable, just stoop and bow. I love the attention." That's not my problem. Never has been. I see a dwarf in the mirror. Not literally, of course. When I sit down to pl...

  • For LifeCare's CEO, it's a steady search for the best

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 3, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen If you're an MLB executive, it's a numbers game. If you're short on pitchers, you've got problems. Likewise, if fans aren't coming to the ballpark, you've got even bigger problems. Recently, Keith Okeson, the CEO of LifeCare Medical Center in Roseau, mentioned that things are going well in their maternity ward. "In the last few years, we've averaged 170 babies annually." That's not the case in many smaller hospitals around the state. Their maternity wards have closed in recent...

  • They spell well at the Roseau School Spelling Bee

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 3, 2024

    by Jeff Olsen A week ago Monday at the Roseau School Theater, it took multiple rounds before the two finalists battled it out for top honors. Imagine going 10 or more rounds with the best and the brightest of the 15 premier Roseau spellers in fifth through eighth grades. Missing was Grade Seven spelling champion, Castiel Dollahan, whose absence was regretted. With Mrs. Carol Guy pronouncing the words, the contest kicked off shortly after 7:00 p.m. The three judges were Mrs. Miranda Peterson,...

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