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 By Jeff Olson    News    November 5, 2022

Golfer Kenny Battles Comes At Life With Zest

by Jeff Olsen On Sunday, Mr. Battles mentioned he was 68 and was told that he didn't sound that old. "Well, I golf a lot," he laughed. A week ago Friday at the Warroad Estates, he got a hole in one wh...

 By Jeff Olson    Opinion    October 22, 2022

Here's looking at life with an half empty shot glass!

Ever overstay your welcome? Ever worry that some relative might be mentally deranged and in the Twilight Zone. I found a perfect example, which shows that doing a good deed can be hazardous to your...

 By Jeff Olson    News    July 9, 2022

Damian is the quiet deputy sheriff in town

by Jeff Olsen There are all kinds of cops, sheriffs, and peace officers. Some are quick with a quip and even loquacious while others say very little or nothing. Last week, Roseau County Sheriff Steve... Full story

 By Jeff Olson    Opinion    June 18, 2022

It's not just another day on the calendar

I'm a dad watcher. You can learn a lot from observing dads at their finest or not quite their finest moments. We all have those moments. I haven't found a perfect dad yet, but I've been close. I will...

 By Jeff Olson    News    February 19, 2022

Here comes the judge and her supporting cast

by Jeff Olsen Behind the bench, Judge Donna Dixon of the 9th District Court can occasionally be imposing like an old schoolmarm receiving late assignments that are also poorly done. But there are...


Stop the merry-go-round and let me off

On Monday, my wife handed me a stack of already addressed Xmas cards, the ones I'm supposed to write nice little comments on. "Is Leo Neudecker still alive?" she asked about a guy I went to high...

 By Jeff Olson    Opinion    January 9, 2021

I might get good and drunk when this is all over

It was a perfect phone call last Saturday when President Donald Trump made the call from the White House to put the squeeze on Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. He wanted Raffensperger...

 By Jeff Olson    News    November 14, 2020

A Notice to Roseau School District Parents

by Jeff Olsen Roseau School Superintendent Tom Jerome on Monday issued a reminder to the district's families that it is important that they have alternative plans in place in the event the present learning models need to change. "If the change does...

 By Jeff Olson    News    January 18, 2020

Seven minutes with The veritable Mayor of Roseau

by Jeff Olsen Mayor Jeff Pelowski plays it close to the vest. For sure, if he were a woman, he wouldn't tell his age. Or weight! He is serving the last year of eleven two-year terms and is the longevi...

 By Jeff Olson    News    January 18, 2020

Mr. Strandlund ends a long bus run

Imagine driving a school bus ever since President Gerald Ford was in office and, during that time, kids have thrown up in the bus, needed to go to the bathroom and can you drive the bus a little...

 By Jeff Olson    Opinion    January 18, 2020

A little history quiz for the brightest

We are an immigrant nation. At the beginning of the 20th Century, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) didn't much care for the hordes of invading Irish, Italians, Slavs, Greeks, and Germans...

 By Jeff Olson    Sports    February 25, 2017

Wrestlers lose in Section 8A Team Tourney

What would it have taken to defeat the Greenbush contingent of BGMR at the Section 8A Team Tournament at Ralph Engelstad Arena in Thief River Falls last Saturday? Possibly, a full line-up with some experienced wrestlers since the Rams coughed up...

 By Jeff Olson    News    October 15, 2016

Political opponents address seniors

Following the noon lunch at the Four Seasons Senior Center in Roseau on Thursday, Thora Halvorson introduced the two guest speakers, DFL challenger George Bass for District 1A and incumbent GOP...

 By Jeff Olson    News    October 1, 2016

Minnesota Deer Hunters Association Celebration is Monday the 10th

For starters, they won't be serving venison at the social event of the season for area deer hunters. But they will be swapping great hunting stories as well as awarding numerous rifles and other great...


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