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  • No Need For Woke Exasperation

    Jim Jenson|Dec 10, 2022

    Historians long considered the first Thanksgiving to have taken place in 1621, when the Mayflower pilgrims who founded the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts sat down for a three-day meal with the Wampanoag. Quote, “November 26, 1789, the United States observed a day of Thanksgiving declared by George Washington in celebration of the new Constitution.” How did the Indigenous people fit into this equation of the first United States observed day of Thanksgiving? In 1621 this was an unknown, unclaimed land that has had many small and big wars fou...

  • "Looking Back"

    Jim Jenson|Jul 16, 2022

    After having an attendance of 18 at the 2005 truth & taxation meeting, the DJ from a local radio station asked Commissioner Al Johnston his thoughts about this big turn out. Without hesitation Johnston claimed the budget was cut to the bone and that they would be laying off a blade operator and also a deputy. Orris Rasmusson had invited me to attend their Friday Dec. 9, 2005 final budget meeting. Which I did along with Jon Jenson and two others…. Yes, it got very loud echoing from the south end thoughout the courthouse hall to the front d... Full story

  • The Roseau County 2017 Re-audits Rest of the Story

    Jim Jenson|Jul 16, 2022

    In 2013 our County accounting firm; Hoffman, Phillipp and Knutson, along with County Auditor Marty Monsrud advised the county board they had to start spending ditch tax money. In 2014 the same request was made by the accounting firm and County auditor, “start spending ditch tax money”. Again nothing happen. No ditching bids for the second year after being told by the accounting firm...They are paid to keep Roseau County in good standing with the State Auditor, Rebecca Otto In January 2015 I got a copy of the ditch tax monies collected from our... Full story

  • Sec. 57. Road Design Standards

    Jim Jenson|Oct 29, 2016

    To the Editor, Legislative Request: This report is issued to comply with 2015 Laws of Minnesota, Chapter 75, Article 2, Section 57. Sec. 57. Road Design Standards. By August 15, 2016, the commissioner of transportation shall, in collaboration with city and county engineers, establish and adopt design standards and guidelines to be applied consistently to trunk highways, county state-aid highways, and municipal state-aid streets with similar characteristics. The standards and guidelines must align the state-aid standards with the Department of...

  • A District 4 Reminder

    Jim Jenson|Aug 6, 2016

    To the Editor, In 2012 Todd Miller was elected. Later that year it was mentioned there may be a Federal Tax Lien filed at the courthouse against this newly elected commissioner; I checked it out and yes there was. On July, 29, 2016 I went to the courthouse and checked on Todd Miller’s Federal Tax Lien, and yes Todd still has a Federal Tax Lien For me this was very dissatisfying that after an election the voters find out such. This is wrong; one should be in good standing with all four Governments; Township, County, State and Federal before f...