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 By Ryan Honl    News    March 2, 2024 

The Museum Fund Drive is Here!

by Ryan Honl It’s that time of year again for Roseau County citizens to support their museum and historical society located in the City Center. There’s a lot going on but Britt Dahl, the Roseau... Full story

 By Ryan Honl    Opinion    March 2, 2024 

Have you ever run into someone who can't read a room?

When Minneapolis was literally burning down in the background for Saint George Floyd Day, a CNN reporter called the Democrat protests "largely peaceful" while one of their police stations was was lit...

 By Ryan Honl    News    February 23, 2024

An Inspirational and Entrepreneurial Roseau Family

by Ryan Honl If you need some inspiration on how to live your life to the fullest, the Erdmann family's got it down to a science. Adam and Beckie Erdmann own Horizon Properties which is headquartered...

 By Ryan Honl    Opinion    February 23, 2024

More than Beer, Bingo, and Parades

Life often is like trying to pick up a turd on its clean end. There are just things that pop up and clobber you over the head. If you're suffering from a lack of hugs, try stopping at the jail and...

 By Ryan Honl    Opinion    February 17, 2024


I sold my snowmobile last fall. It was a tough decision. I loved it but racing around for only a good couple months a year just wasn't cutting it. But I guess I was even giving Mother Winter too much...

 By Ryan Honl    News    July 15, 2023

Remembering Pioneer Jake Nelson

by Ryan Honl Over the last 125 years one man from time to time gets referenced in the Times-Region and for good reason. Jake Nelson was literally one of the first two European settlers in Roseau... Full story

 By Ryan Honl    News    July 8, 2023

Mechanical Innovation Factory is Open for Business in Wannaska

by Ryan Honl The Wannaska Elementary School sat empty for many, many years after closing. That's no longer the case. Richard Doughman of Wannaska and his crew have turned it into a full scale...

 By Ryan Honl    News    July 1, 2023

Roseau County Deputy Facing Eight Criminal Charges

by Ryan Honl Roseau County Deputy Sheriff Bruce Hanson is facing eight criminal charges, one a felony for presenting false claims to a public officer or body and seven misdemeanor counts, ranging...

 By Ryan Honl    Opinion    July 1, 2023

I Have a Side Gig

OK, so I've got this side gig doing sermons for the Pastor when he's out of town. I'm happy to do it although at times I've come up with the occasional excuse. I did spend some time in Seminary before... Full story

 By Ryan Honl    News    June 24, 2023

Two Roseau Gun Threat Incidents at Same Store in a Two Week Period

by Ryan Honl On June 1, according to a Roseau Police Report, Kaliyah Jameil King Martin allegedly entered the Roseau Holiday with a Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro 9mm handgun making threats to a cashier saying “I should pop you” and “I’m... Full story

 By Ryan Honl    News    June 24, 2023

Roseau Foreign Exchange Student Li-Ting Chen Heads Back to Taiwan

by Ryan Honl Miss Li-Ting Chen, also known as Lydia Chen while here in Roseau, was one great girl to sponsor for the Tuttle family. She just completed 10th grade at the high school and returned back...

 By Ryan Honl    Opinion    June 24, 2023

Amazon is Taking Over the World

They started selling books on a new thing called the internet 25 years ago. Jeff Bezos figured out how to turn the digital highway into a fat green stack of cash now worth a ridiculous 1.3 trillion...

 By Ryan Honl    News    June 17, 2023

Minnesota Legislation For Ammo Storage Requirements Removed From State Bill

by Ryan Honl Legislation requiring that ammunition and guns be stored separately in an owner’s own home was removed from legislation that recently passed. What did pass was a new sweeping public safety and judiciary budget bill that creates two...

 By Ryan Honl    News    June 17, 2023

Earl's Drive-In Still Hopping After 67 Years

by Ryan Honl It is extremely rare to have a 50s diner in a community that actually started in the 50s. Earl's Drive-In is one of those places in Roseau, having been in continuous operation since...

 By Ryan Honl    Opinion    June 17, 2023

Buckle In for 2024

As a kid I hated to mow the lawn. In other words, I was your average kid. These days however, it’s downright therapeutic. “Honey, the inside of the house is yours. The outside is mine.” I do...

 By Ryan Honl    News    June 10, 2023

Lots of Mud Mayhem at Power Sports Park

by Ryan Honl Mud Mayhem lived up to its advertising on Saturday with lots of natural mud and even some mud made by the Roseau Fire Department. Workers from Polaris and the city were working overtime i... Full story

 By Ryan Honl    News    June 10, 2023

A Tour of Sport Tops Plus

by Ryan Honl Pulling up to Sport Tops Plus between Roseau and Warroad on Highway 11 just east of the airport, Tony Herling is busy talking to a husband and wife wanting a cover for their boat. The...

 By Ryan Honl    Opinion    June 10, 2023

Hayes Lake is the Local Jewel in the Crown

You've probably been to Lake of the Woods, home of some of the best freshwater fishing in the world. But have you been to Hayes Lake? The place is perfect for spending the day. The fishing isn't too...

 By Ryan Honl    News    June 3, 2023

Jake's Pizza has New Owners

by Ryan Honl Jake's Pizza in Roseau recently came under new ownership. Don't worry though, the pizza isn't changing. After 44 years, it's still the same crust and the same sauce. The last thing you'd...

 By Ryan Honl    Opinion    June 3, 2023

Think Outside

Polaris has a motto to "Think Outside." When I was a kid there was no smart phone or social media. Heck in the 70's there wasn't even cable. We naturally thought outside. I remember as a kid getting h... Full story

 By Ryan Honl    News    May 27, 2023

US Navy Veteran Jim McDonald and the Veterans History Project

by Ryan Honl The aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea launched in the 1940s at the time of the Second World War and saw it's last day of service in 1990. It was named after the Battle of the Coral Sea in... Full story

 By Ryan Honl    Opinion    May 27, 2023

Roseau is a Great Place to Live

Great to Be Back After being away for over 30 years, it's great to be back in Roseau. As a kid you want to leave a small town and see the world. I got to do that. The bucket list of stuff is pretty...

 By Ryan Honl    News    May 20, 2023

Roseau Loses Base for Helicopter Life Flight Service

by Ryan Honl On May 31, Guardian Flight, which manages life flight operations for Lifecare Medical Center, will cease having a local base for helicopter service, but states that there will still be a fixed wing base out of the Roseau Airport...

 By Ryan Honl    News    May 20, 2023

Hayden Nelson is at the Tip of the Spear For Our Nation

by Ryan Honl Hayden Nelson is a 2021 graduate of Roseau High School. In the short two years since he graduated this guy has made his mark on the world hanging out with governors and foreign royalty. N...

 By Ryan Honl    News    May 20, 2023

Mrs. Clara Johnson Is One Kind Lady

by Ryan Honl At 92 years young Clara's memory is impeccable. "I'm thankful for that," she said. She grew up in Roseau and started teaching at the age of 19 at a little country school near Greenbush...


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