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  • Close Call

    Sheldon Larson|Jul 20, 2024

    After pulling weeds in the garden yesterday and seeing how dry it was, it was nice to mute everything and just listen to a gentle rain. Retirement from farming is one of the few good moves this old farmer has made. With the numbers agribusiness people have to deal with in today’s world, the stress level is not missed at all. No matter how beautiful the crop or field so far not even once have I wished it was mine. The crops are looking good enough so the Bill Gates crowd won’t make us eat bugs for a little while. Much like falling off a tall bui...

  • What Goes Around, Comes Around

    Sheldon Larson|Jul 13, 2024

    Our world has remembered how to rain. Now the number one question is does it remember how to stop? It has been said that it doesn’t hurt to complain but it doesn’t help either. People and pets distance themselves from whiners. The dandelions seem to have did what they had to do and have slowed way down. I tried to figure out how to put a camera under the mower deck to see if they really do duck when the mower goes over them. No luck. Nature’s babies of all kinds are showing up more and more. The fox pups now are weaned and looking for an easy...

  • If You Can't Fix It With Duct Tape, You Aren't Using Enough

    Sheldon Larson|Jun 29, 2024

    Why are the disgusting insects called wood ticks when they are almost always finding us when we are in tall grass? Grass ticks? Usually the end of June pretty much means they are done until next year. The mosquitoes on the other hand don’t give up until frozen. You only really know how annoying they are when one tries to get in your hearing aid. Back in the sixties there were columns of them going way up in the sky sometimes that looked like smoke. Smudges or really smokey fires were kept burning for days and weeks to give the farm animals a br...

  • Martha Stewart Said

    Sheldon Larson|Jun 22, 2024

    Our world is now pretty much green. As Martha Stewart would say. “That is a good thing.” The yard here has had to be mowed five times so far. If memory serves correctly that is the same as all last summer. The rhubarb has now been picked the second time. Rhubarb sauce cooked with raspberry Jell-o is still a favorite. The crops on the fields that are ditched to the max or tiled are looking awesome. If some smooth talking politician can figure out how to cash in they will be preaching global wetting. Cackling Camilla is slow Joe’s insur...

  • I Am Voting For A Felon In 2024

    Sheldon Larson|Jun 15, 2024

    Like Mr. Rogers used to say, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” With an estimated fifteen million people here illegally from one hundred eighty-two countries how much longer can we even have a neighborhood? Sixty-two percent of Americans are in full support of massive deportations. Is it a wonderment that thirty-eight percent don’t and thirty-seven percent still blindly support Sleepy Joe? The Libtards in charge of this country are doing their best to instigate WWIII. Biden is doing everything he can to get under Putin’s skin. Why... Full story

  • We've Woke Up A Sleeping Giant

    Sheldon Larson|Jun 8, 2024

    As the Japanese Emperor said after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, “I am afraid we have awoken a sleeping giant.” Likewise the American people seem to have woke up after Donald J. was found guilty of 34 felonies. George Soro’s minion, Alvin Bragg, managed to take a petty misdemeanor whose statutes of limitations had run out more than a year earlier and turn it into 34 felonies. That coupled with a corrupt judge and a jury that hated Trump that was told only what the good judge wanted them to hear completed the recipe. Kangaroos everywhere are a...

  • Life Is a Illusion, Death Is Reality

    Sheldon Larson|Jun 1, 2024

    Our world has pretty much tunred green! What a welcome change from the several months of white. The air never smells better than after a rain. Our world never looks cleaner than after a few inches of snow. There is almost always some good to be found. Sometimes it is just harder to see and identify. This old man is paying the price for getting old. Besides the aches and pains, bad attitude, and lack of stamina, My friends are dying way too often. Some were younger and some older. One form of entertainment for the last fifty or so years has...

  • On the Bright Side

    Sheldon Larson|May 25, 2024

    On the bright side our days will keep getting longer for another month. On the down side in another month our days will be getting shorter. The old saying “We are here for a good time, not a long time,” comes to mind. All things in moderation and be responsible for your actions applies. None of that seems to apply to today’s tyrannical government. It is all right to murder babies right up to birth, but a pro-life activist trying to block access to an abortion clinic was sentenced to five years in prison. Come on man! Its all right to use taxpa...

  • Wood Ticks, Mosquitos, and Asian Beetles

    Sheldon Larson|Apr 27, 2024

    The first wood tick of the year has now been dealt with. As of yet, no mosquitoes have been sighted. The Asian beetles are finally starting to thin out in the house. One of the nasty things found it’s way into my chocolate chip ice cream milkshake a while back. It went unnoticed until I thought it was a bigger chocolate chip and bit it. They are are quite crunchy. If you think they smell bad when crushed they taste even worse! Be aware of your surroundings includes now looking more carefully at any and all food. It will soon be time to put o...

  • Make Better Choices

    Sheldon Larson|Apr 20, 2024

    This old farmer sat out on the back porch for the first time this spring last evening. After turning up my hearing aids the mourning doves, robins, geese and cranes were a treat to listen to. If there are no birds or animals in heaven I do not want to be there. People that don’t likje birds and animals won’t like me either. Please do us both a favor and stay away. The farther the better. It has long been a mystery how a doctor could take the Hippocratic Oath and still murder unborn babies. The oath is very simple. “First do no harm.” It was wri...

  • The Great Eclipse

    Sheldon Larson|Apr 13, 2024

    Hopefully most of us survived the great eclipse. The excitement created by it was testimony to how bad we the people needed something new for a distraction. Hunter Biden thumbing his nose at Congress and getting away with it is just one example of our tiered justice system. The constant never ending attacks on Donald J. are getting more obvious how unconstitutional and down right dirty they are. The statutes of limitations had ran out on the Stormy Daniel’s sack of lies. If anything happened there or not, it was a long time ago between two c...

  • Just Like Guns.. Lets Blame The Car Maker

    Sheldon Larson|Apr 6, 2024

    It is said that the months of November and April bring the most change. All signs point to a very welcome change in April. This old farmer needs to spend time in the garden. The smell and feel of newly tilled dirt never gets old. Today’s climate controlled cabs have got to be more healthy than sitting on a cabless tractor. Some compared them to sitting on a fence post. There was nothing much colder when cold out or hotter when warm. The sunburned and windburned “farmers tan” are very seldom seen anymore. As stated before, today is all about...

  • They're Actually After You... I'm Just Standing In The Way

    Sheldon Larson|Mar 30, 2024

    When the month of March flies by in the blink of an eye you might be getting old. As my mom’s friend pointed out years ago, “The days are long, but the weeks months, and years just fly by”. It is a phenomena as old as time itself. Johnny Carson asked a hundred-year-old woman what her secret was to getting so old. She said to “just keep breathing.” Three minutes without air, three days without water, thirty days without food comes to mind. The greatest country in the world no longer has democrats and republicans. There are now two factions...

  • I Pledge Allegiance

    Sheldon Larson|Mar 16, 2024

    What a winter of ice it has been. Almost everyone that has not taken a nasty digger themselves knows someone who has. I am melting melting melting comes to mind. The puddles in the yard are soaking in at a phenomenal rate. Maybe the ground was too dry to freeze. At any rate maybe we are done walking like penguins for awhile. Both the A and AA games at the hockey state tourney were something special to watch. The one thing that remains the same seems to be that everyone not from Edina hates them. The close championship game with Chanhassen...

  • So Little Time

    Sheldon Larson|Mar 9, 2024

    Whoopie! We get to spring ahead again this weekend. Our government can’t even leave our clocks alone. As previously suggested, if you can’t decide, then split the difference. Spring ahead a half hour this spring and do not fall back this fall. Just a thought from a retired old farmer that has not worn a watch in over forty years. Milk cows know when it is milking time and they don’t wear a watch either. With so many a.g.s and d.a.s in blue states trying to constantly do unconstitutional stuff SCOTUS has enough on their plate without deali...

  • Another Day

    Sheldon Larson|Mar 2, 2024

    8 being a leap year gave February another day to allow March to come in like a lamb. What a strange winter it has been! It is politics as usual in D.C. The Dems accuse the Republicans of lying with no proof to back it up and raise total hell. They alter and lie about facts destroying evidence as in the J6 fiasco. Hilary acid washed and pounded her servers with hammers. Nothing to see here! Of course not, they made sure of that! It is said that Nero played the fiddle while watching Rome burn. Biden eats ice cream while watching our country...

  • Putin vs. Political Crime Families

    Sheldon Larson|Feb 23, 2024

    Boy are the liberal left crowing about how evil Putin is. Putin’s number one political rival died in prison. That would be a dream come true for dems if Trump was to die in prison. If Putin was a nice guy there wouldn’t have been forty-three assassination attempts on him. He probably would not need more than twenty-five hundred people that have the skills and training to keep him alive. Any means to the end that he desires is no problem no matter how many people are hurt or killed. The only difference between Putin and our own political cri... Full story

  • Football vs. Politics

    Sheldon Larson|Feb 17, 2024

    It is awesome to see the days getting longer! The winter loggers and those that walk on water to catch fish are struggling. Even Mother Nature can’t always please everyone. No one seems to be complaining about lower heating bills. Our wild creatures have had almost no winter, just a few months with no bugs. An open winter might not bode well for crops that depend on snow cover to survive. Time will tell. The last football game of the season was a dandy. Way to much politics though. What would have happened if some white players took a knee for...

  • It Looks, Feels, and Smells Like Spring

    Sheldon Larson|Feb 9, 2024

    Every year and every season are different. This one is definitely different. Not complaining about the temps, but it sure would be nice to see the sun once in a while. My get up and go has got up and went. No idea where it went and no clue if or when it will come back. Maybe I took an old friend’s advice too seriously. He said every time he felt a burst of energy coming on that he would go lay on the couch and wait for it to pass. After many years of doing this, it is maybe working too well. When it looks, feels, and smells like spring it w...

  • NFL Is No Longer NFL

    Sheldon Larson|Feb 3, 2024

    After watching last Sundays NFC and AFC playoff games this old coot was really glad he had not put his money where his mouth was. There was no way anyone but the Ravens and Lions would be battling in the Super Bowl. Wrong! Not once but twice. After the Vikings are out the Chiefs used to be my team of choice. Used to be. They are now seen as the most racist example of white privilege in our great nation. The vast majority of players in the NFL are people of color. How many times has a black player made an outstanding play and had the cameras go...

  • Getting Scarier By The Hour

    Sheldon Larson|Jan 27, 2024

    The only Spanish this old Norwegian understands is “El Nino”. As the wrestler from yesteryear used to say, “That is all the people need to know”. Baron Von Rashke was a character with “the claw”. The last time I heard of him he was operating a baitshop in Minnesota. It would have been a tough sell to convince the generation before the “boomers” that it was just entertainment. Vern Gagne, Da Crusher, Mad Dog, The Butcher, Hacksaw Jim Dugan, the Macho Man were but a few. They had mouths that could talk trash and moves and bad attitude to back it...

  • Seven Types Of People You Should Not Trust

    Sheldon Larson|Jan 20, 2024

    Back to the thirties above next week gives us some light at the end of the tunnel. After working for thirty-four winters in the woods going every day that it was above thirty below I now live in the world of “this is no weather for old men.” Some said that you are out every day and get used to it. Wrong, never did. One learns how to dress and also pace yourself so as not to get all sweaty. Some said “you are in the woods out of the wind.” Wrong! The reason for being there was to cut wood. After just a few days of butchering trees the wind alway...

  • We All Knew It Was Going To Happen

    Sheldon Larson|Jan 13, 2024

    According to the weather forecast, winter in the great northland is going to get real. We all knew it was going to happen. If some are not prepared for it blame the person in the mirror. A lot of us that stay here do so because we want to. You won’t get the crunch and squeak from the snow in Florida. Invasive snakes are not eating our pets and native animals either. We have wolves and coyotes for that. A couple days ago a coyote walked by one of our game cameras with one of the neighbors cats in it’s mouth, There was a very good reason the...

  • Red Flag Law

    Sheldon Larson|Jan 6, 2024

    According to the weather forecasters our love affair with El Nino will soon be over. Missing out on two months of cold and snow has worked out well for the ones that don’t snowcat, icefish, or run coyotes with hounds. Who pays the bill for rescuing the ones that get trapped on the lake by open water? Just wondering. It is nothing short of a miracle that more have not drowned. This old fisherman likes to fish, loves to catch fish, but they are not to die for. Now our very own great state of Minnesota has adopted the “Red Flag” law. Talk about op...

  • And We Said Okay

    Sheldon Larson|Dec 30, 2023

    Every year and every season is different. Back in the sixties helping grandpa clean the barn, the snow was so deep by Christmas that we couldn’t spread the manure on the fields. This year they are bare of any snow. The ones making tons of money are preaching global warming and climate change. John Kerry with his six mansions, huge yacht, and private jet comes to mind first. Paul Harvey’s “Now you know the rest of the story” explained it very well back in 1992. And with the willing complicity of headline hungry media. A recent crisis of the mon...

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