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We The People Can Only Kiss So Much Butt Without Ending Up With a Mouthful of Poop

Everything is white with frost again this morning. It is get tough or die time for all annual plants. The sad truth of the matter is that no annual is that tough. Comparing people who have not made peace with their maker and their spirituality to...


Smoke and Mirrors

When watching O’Biden and company celebrating their inflation reduction act one has to wonder if they didn’t get a little heavy on the smoke in their fantasyland of smoke and mirrors. What part of inflation was 1.4 percent when he took over? It...


Democracy Is Just A Kinder Gentler Word For Socialism

How anyone could watch Joe Biden’s hate speech last week and not see the evil in the man is a wonderment. It is not for us to judge. “Judge not lest you too be judged.” But for someone that probably sold his soul to the devil a long time ago...


Didn't Know Hitler Was A Good Guy!

After fifty-five years 1-20-23 will mark the first time since 1967 that no member of the Cheney, Clinton, McCain or Bush family will hold elected or appointed office in the United States of America. Hopefully not long after that the impeachment of Jo...


A Great Mouse Hunt!

Oofdah, how production agriculture has changed in the last fifty or sixty years! Grpa pulling the A-6 Case combine with its four cylinder Wisconsin air cooled engine around with the WD-45 Allis Chalmers tractor is now only a memory. With no cab on...


The Highlight of The Week Oops!

The highlight of the week so far has been watching Liz Cheney get her Republican In Name Only butt handed to her 65-29 by a Trump backed candidate. So far the ones supported by the Donald are winning at a ninety-five percent rate. Hopefully the...


Time Is Not Now Or Has Never Been On Our Side

The fair is gone. Soon it will be Labor Day and back to school. Another summer is in the history books. There were millions of them before we were born and there will be millions when we are gone from here. When studying the coal in the coal mines...


What Goes Around WILL Come Around

Ron Desantis, governor of Florida, maybe said it best. I wish Joe Biden a speedy recovery from Covid 19. I also wish the United States of America a speedy recovery from Joe Biden. Why are so many that hate this country so much still here? No one, no... Full story


Fair 2022 A good time was had by all

It’s fair week in Roseau County one more time. After more than sixty of them much of the thrill is gone. That is not entirely a bad thing. The thrill has been replaced by an admiration and more than a little pride in all the improvements. As in...


A Few Medical Fun Facts

Here are a few medical fun facts the great Doctor Fauci will never tell us. The inventor of the treadmill died at fifty-four. The world bodybuilding champion died at forty-one. The inventor of gymnastics died at fifty-seven. James Fuller Fix started...


Come On Man!!!

One of the biggest mysteries of our world as we know it is how the Devil makes the road to Hell so attractive. According to the latest poll the party taking us down that road at breakneck speed now has only a twenty-nine percent approval rating. It... Full story


No Harm, No Foul

This old farmer was recently asked if I was open minded enough to watch the January 6th hearings, After watching one dem or worse yet a Rino lie about Trump and a bunch more swear to it there was a timeout required to give the nausea time to pass.... Full story


November Can't Come Soon Enough

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. An optimist would leave it at that. A realist would relax and wait for someone to mess it up. Optimists don’t watch or listen to the news. Realists are seldom disappointed, After cancelling fifty-five...


The Swamp Seems To Be Back This Year

It seems that one of the longest and toughest winters in memory has turned into one of the longest and toughest springs. This is especially true for those in production agriculture. The cattlemen had a tough calving season and now the grain farmers...


More Questions Then Answers

And we have another mass shooting at a school! The Monday morning quarterbacks are out in full force. As usual there are a lot more questions then answers. Why was a kid that delighted in shooting people with a BB gun and was nicknamed school... Full story


No Monkey Business Here

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men. Weak men create hard times. Around and around we go. Our world is a never ending parade of circles. What goes around comes around comes to mind. About the only...

 By Sheldon Larson    Opinion    May 14, 2022

Let's Praise Idiots... Why Not!!!

After six burglaries, three car thefts, multiple illegal trespasses, ongoing cocaine and alcohol addiction, committing two violent home invasions three armed robberies, dealing fentanyl and meth, passing counterfeit money, beating four victims... Full story


Can't Have It Unless You Live

As the Russian comedian from years ago used to say. What a country! The first thing that came to mind for this cynical old farmer when hearing of the Scotus leak was what are they trying to distract us from now? Maybe the southern not the border,... Full story


Your Life Might Depend On It!

Is it a coincidence that about two dozen food processing facilities in the U.S. and Canada have burned to the ground in the last six months? Even more amazing is that there has been no mention on any of our beloved news networks. It is pretty easy...


History Is Bound To Repeat Itself

The number one question that goes with a cup of coffee these days is when is this weather going to give us a break? Our migratory little birds are all cold and hungry. Perfect timing for the DNR to say “take in your feeders”. It is much better...


Time To Wake Up

Why is it that the one constant among stupid people is that they think everyone else is stupid too? Now the progressive libtards want us to donate guns to the federal government to be sent to Ukraine. As usual the citizens are bearing the brunt of... Full story


One Day at a Time

This winter has got a song going around and around in my head, like a stuck record. I’m only human, I’m just a man. Help me to believe in what I can be and all that I am. Show me the stairway that I have to climb. Lord for my sake teach me to tak...


Passing Mandates While Spouting Democracy

It is never wise to get involved in your neighbors business. This time our neighbor is Canada and their problem is not just theirs, but ours and the rest of the worlds. Justin Trudeau left no doubt that the Canadian people are his subjects and not... Full story


God We Need You Now

This old farmer got his Times-Region today and when reading my letter to the editor found not one but two misprints. The one that was supposed to say “If you don’t have to show an I.D. to vote you shouldn’t have to, to buy a hunting or fishing... Full story


One Farmers Thoughts

Here’s an opinion from a former judge. “I am a student of law whose age is eighty-five. My first year in college was sixty-eight years ago. One class I took was political science. A half page of my textbook essentially outlined a few steps to... Full story


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