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Articles from the February 11, 2023 edition

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  • Bear Relocated to Thief Lake Sanctuary

    Laurel Latham|Feb 11, 2023

    by Laurel Latham Warming temperatures led to the premature arousal of a hibernating bear a mile west of Wannaska late last week. "It's common for hibernating bears to wake up a time or two during winter months," explained Conservation Officer, Ben Huener. "Normally a bear will hibernate in the woods, but in this case he hibernated in a culvert where melting snow woke him up." Bears generally emerge from hibernation between March and April, with male bears emerging earlier than female bears who...

  • Sixth grader wins the Roseau Spelling Bee

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 11, 2023

    by Jeff Olsen In the first leg of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, two Roseau sixth graders squared off in the final round with the word - dissolute - being the determining factor. But more about that later. Please meet the contestants, who competed at the Roseau School Theater on Monday, January 23, at 7 p.m. Representing Grade Eight were Hannah Dunham (champion), Alyssa Hedlund, Launa Ullman, and Maryn Byfuglien. Representing Grade Seven were Harry Roth (Champion), Claire Wensloff, Zephyra...

  • RHS Freshman Delaney shines in best prep art Competition

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 11, 2023

    by Jeff Olsen Never pass up an opportunity is John Delaney's take on his education. When he was handed a flyer by his Art 1 instructor Mary Vatnsdal, he didn't crumple it up and toss it into the trash can. It perked his curiosity and his competitiveness. John, the son of Shane and Carrie Delaney, decided to enter the Best Prep 2023 Student Spotlight Competition for Minnesota students in grades 9-12. It made sense since he likes drawing and, even better, there was a chance to win some prizes.... Full story

  • My Reading Journey by Erin Brandt

    Feb 11, 2023

    Essay by: Erin Brandt Roseau Community School Mrs. Didrikson, College Prep English For as long as I can remember I have loved reading. All aspects of it, really. From the scent of new books, to the sound of pages turning, to visualizing a world based on an author's words. My reading journey has had its ups-and-downs, but I have ultimately always returned to the worlds found between pages. I have come to realize that reading has shaped who I am today. It has positively impacted my ability to...

  • My Valentine Box

    Julie Elick|Feb 11, 2023

    It was Valentines Day at Washburn Elementary School. Located mid center of Woodland Avenue in my home town of, Duluth, Minnesota. So many memories. Valentines Day was one of my favorite days of the year. I remember a shoe box, decorated with white or red doilies. The first thing was to wrap the box. I would choose white or red tissue paper; if there was none, white shelf paper would suffice. A little person like me had to be careful to wrap the shoe box cover so it could be opened! Pre-cutting... Full story

  • Who knew?

    Tom Palen|Feb 11, 2023

    This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad and me, even though you can't make us out in the photo. I don't know the exact date; my sister Barbara took the picture. We had been down to visit in Oklahoma City. I don't recall the weather being particularly hot, as it can be in Oklahoma, so I would guess it was in the late fall of 1990. We had a good time there. We got to see Barbara, my brother Gerard and their families, and my twin sisters Mary and Martha. Then, it was time to go home. Barbara...

  • Northland Opens 'Pioneer Pantry' To Support Students Facing Food Insecurity

    Feb 11, 2023

    Northland Community & Technical College is proud to announce the launch of Pioneer Pantry, a new on-campus food pantry aimed to support students facing food insecurity. Pioneer Pantry joins the recently launched Northland Cares program to combat the many barriers to success students encounter as they work towards graduation and full-time employment. Food insecurity is an often unspoken challenge for approximately one-third of all college students. While never having a formal program in place,...

  • A great sport with unlimited opportunities

    Jeff Olsen|Feb 11, 2023

    Meet my heroes. Ever read those stories where some stick-up artist, burglar, or purse snatcher messes with the wrong dame? The bad guy gets flattened by an 80-year-old grandma. It's always a good feeling hearing that kind of news, which beats reading about all the deadbeat political chumps. Deep down, I've always imagined that these women had grown up with older brothers who taught them how to wrestle. About three or four years ago, I wrote in this space that the local junior and senior high... Full story

  • Cherry Grove Beach

    Jodi Wojciechowski|Feb 11, 2023

    We finally decided where we should take our winter adventure...South Carolina! Kyle and I haven't been anywhere near South Carolina. This should be a lot of fun. We decided to stay at North Myrtle Beach. It is actually Cherry Grove Beach, sometimes known as Cherry Grove, which is a neighborhood in the city of North Myrtle Beach. Confusing, but it's on the ocean, and I will be able to sleep like a baby and have a lot of new adventures. A few adventures I would like to try are; Myrtle Beach...

  • Spoiled Milk Is Still White

    Sheldon Larson|Feb 11, 2023

    A while back on channel 8, John Wheeler, the weatherman, talked about the snow buntings coming down from the arctic to spend some of the winter between Winnipeg and Grand Forks. One of this old farmers more enjoyable things in this short lifespan is feeding birds. There are a couple hanging feeders with sunflowers, but the smorgasbord of sunflowers, cracked corn, oats, and wheat screenings are spread around in the turnabout in front of the house. If so many roundabouts are now almost everywhere, I can have a turnabout if I want to. There are a...

  • Dear Reader,

    Feb 11, 2023

    There is something I just do not understand. How can Christians justify themselves when they vote for a man or party that supports abortion? It is murder! This is not about a political party issue, but BABIES! It goes like this right? Democrats are for abortion (murder of a baby) and Republicans are for pro-LIFE, WHICH SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! I understand one of the arguments is the safety of the mother if there is a problem giving birth, but we know that it is a given, the mother's life always comes first! It always has been! We don't need legal... Full story

  • Avis Vivian Naslund, 87

    Feb 11, 2023

    McMinnville, Ore.- On Sunday, January 8, 2023 Avis Vivian Gregerson Naslund passed away due to cancer at the age of 87 in McMinnville, Ore. surrounded by family. She lived a full life beginning in Badger on April 5, 1935 to Alice Hazel Gunderson and Gilmore Melvin Gregerson. She was the 4th of 14 children; surviving siblings are Ruth Gust, Marcella Gust, Marlys Jaenicke, Sharon Henning, Debra Gregerson, Ardell Gregerson, Garfield Gregerson, and Darrel Gregerson. She graduated from Badger High...

  • Martin Per Heggedal, 61

    Feb 11, 2023

    Fargo, N.D.- Martin Per Heggedal, 61, was born in Rapid City, S.D. on July 20, 1961 to Per and Marta (Isane) Heggedal. He grew up in Badger with his five siblings and countless aunts, uncles, and cousins where he loved being a farm boy. He graduated from Badger High School in 1979, where he played basketball, and was the shortest center in the state of Minnesota his senior year. He left the farm to go to Concordia College, where he graduated in 1983 with a degree in Accounting and took agronomy...

  • 75 years ago… Billberg Air Service officially opened a flight service for G.I.'s

    Carrie Johnson|Feb 11, 2023

    5 years ago – Feb. 10, 2018 Geroy’s Building Center was advertising a 20% off Liquidation Sale. “Roseau Youth Wrestlers of the Week” were second grader Ben Locklear and first grader Hayden Picard. The Ram girls hockey team dropped their season finale to Warroad 4-0. Hannah Corneliusen had a hat-trick for Warroad and Abbey Hardwick scored the other goal. Warroad’s Quinn Kuntz picked up the shutout. The 2018 Knights of Columbus Council Level Free Throw Contest winners were Anna Ulvin, Jordyn Bo...

  • FriluftFest – A Winter Celebration

    Feb 11, 2023

    The Riverbend Skate Path will host the second annual FriluftFest on Sunday, February 19th, from 12 to 6 p.m. as a fundraiser for the Riverbend Skate Path Maintenance Fund. This event is based on the Nordic concept of Friluftsliv, which translates literally as “open air living” and means “to embrace the outdoors, in all weather.” Activity stations that play on Scandinavian words and concepts will be set up at various locations along the path. • Lake of the Woods Brewing Company | Utepils [Oo-ta-pils], Norwegian, “To drink beer outside” Ta... Full story

  • After 4 Days Of Rest, The Rams Are Ready!

    Dawn Bachleitner|Feb 11, 2023

    Submitted by Dawn Bachleitner On January 27th, the girls basketball team hosted the Freeze. They played them earlier this year and won 70-61, but that was with a couple more girls. The game started out fine, but seemed so slow. Neither team really made it look easy. It was actually Newfolden that made the first 4 points, but after 4 minutes, the Rams decided that was enough and never looked back. The Freeze wasn’t giving up, but Roseau kept the lead the rest of the game. At halftime, the score was 29-24. Roseau really started to pull away in t...

  • Warroad Hockey Ladies Are Conference Champions

    Pat Garry|Feb 11, 2023

    Submitted by Pat Garry, Sports Writer Finishing an awesome season with a sparkling 21-3-1 record, the Warroad girls hockey team captured the Greater Minnesota Conference last week. On Monday, January 30, the Warriors topped Roseau, 9-2, at the Rams Sports Center. Thursday’s action saw the Warroad girls close the regular season with a convincing 7-2 win over Moorhead, at the Gardens in Warroad. Post-season play begins on Thursday, February 9. Roseau Game Power Plays: Warroad, 2-3; Roseau, 0-5; Penalties: Warroad, 10 minutes on 5 infractions; R...

  • A Picnic In The Park

    Pastor Joe Elick 1940-2021|Feb 11, 2023

    "Lets pack a picnic basket and go to the park," said a husband and father, arriving home early from the office. "We won't get many more days like this, and I may not get another afternoon off." "It's great to have you home early," said his wife, "but the kids need some more school clothes, and Penney's is having a sale. I think we should go shopping instead." "We can do that some other day," responded the husband, "let's take advantage of the nice weather." What followed was one of those...