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 By Tom Palen    Opinion    June 3, 2023

Green Glasses

I reached into the shower to turn on the water. Next, I removed my pajama pants, dropped them on the bathroom floor, and stepped into the shower. Usually, I would put the pajamas in the clothes...

 By Laurel Latham    News    June 3, 2023

Warroad Veterans Memorial Honors Veterans

by Laurel Latham "The real heroes wear camo." T.J. Oshie The Warroad city crew mowed the grass to a smooth green carpet. Sunny Wilmer, Nancy Lien, Cindy Sandahl and Marlene Lewis planted an array of f...

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    May 27, 2023

The Smelt Fry

My neighbor Penne sent me a message: "Hey! Asking a favor: would you check if there are still tickets for the Green Door smelt fry on May 20; and, if there are, buy two for us? Obviously, we'll...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 13, 2023

The Kid, the Skipper, and the Game at the Metrodome

by Jeff Olsen Benji, the son of John and Sue Wilebski of rural Greenbush, is no longer The Kid. He just began his third year of Medical School at the University of North Dakota and will graduate in...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 13, 2023

On A Higher Level

Amos 3:3 Can two walk together except they be agreed? Unless they meet together and decide together where they are going to go, there will be no advancement. So it is between God and man. Princess Di...


Let He Without Sin Cast The First Stone

This old farmer is still in a bit of a state of shock after seeing a 25% increase in property values in one year. If property taxes go up proportionally it could be a deal breaker for many. In conversation with a friend fifteen or twenty years ago...

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    March 18, 2023

New Boots

I am often asked why I moved north in my fifties, a time in life when many people want to move south for the warmer climate. The answer is simple: I don't do so well with heat, especially combined... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    March 11, 2023

Old memories and wrapping up loose ends

It's been a long run, more than 35 years and at least several thousand interview subjects while writing features and this column. In many articles, I interviewed multiple sources. It was great fun unt...

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    March 11, 2023

Firehouse Mutt's

I was nearly speechless after just one bite of the Brunswick Stew from the buffet. But let's be honest: I'm a radio guy; when was a radio guy ever kept speechless? "This soup did not come from a...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 4, 2023

A phone call with memories and a basket

I actually did it. My wastebasket at work was a mess. Chocolate coffee, address labels, and food. How did food get in there? I put instant oatmeal in my cobalt blue cup, microwave it up, and eat it....


Third Annual Malung Mountain Sled Race

by Laurel Latham This year's third annual Malung Mountain cardboard sled race will take place on Sunday, March 5th. Registration will be at 1 p.m. (no entry fee), drivers meeting at 1:30 p.m., with... Full story


Life In The Vast Lane

When riding up an escalator at the Rainier Bank in Tacoma, Washington several years ago I overheard a short conversation between two young men riding on the down escalator. The conversation went... Full story


Emily Baugher Insurance - A Farmers Union Agency

by Jodi Wojciechowski Emily Baugher is the new owner of the local Farmers Union Agency. A big welcome to the newest Independent Insurance Agent assisting individuals, families, businesses and farms... Full story


Danielle Byfuglien receives Top Staffing Honors

by Laurel Latham On Tuesday January 24, at the World Staffing Summit, Danielle Byfuglien was presented with a certificate declaring her "Third Top Staffing Leader to Watch in 2023." "It's quite an... Full story

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    February 11, 2023

Who knew?

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad and me, even though you can't make us out in the photo. I don't know the exact date; my sister Barbara took the picture. We had been down to visit in...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    February 4, 2023

Just making everyone's day is hard work!

Earlier in the week, I called this chap for some info and said, "How's it going, mayor?" Jeff Pelowski, the Roseau County Environmental Officer, briefly chuckled when informed that he will always be...


What are you packing?

Learning to Travel Light Because we had a motorcycle, we quickly learned to be conservative in our packing. It became easier and easier for me to ask the simple question, "do I really need this?" Need... Full story


Karl Enar Karlsson, 105

Roseau- Karl Enar Karlsson passed away in peace at the age of 105. Enar was known as Karl Enar to friends and family in Sweden. While in his Warroad Senior Care Center apartment he was called Karl,...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    January 4, 2023

Just making everyone's day is hard work!

Earlier in the week, I called this chap for some info and said, "How's it going, mayor?" Jeff Pelowski, the Roseau County Environmental Officer, briefly chuckled when informed that he will always be...


There's No Place Like Etta's Bin Dome Home

by Laurel Latham An Airbnb just five miles east of Warroad, Etta's Bin is a beautiful dome home that still manages to provide a warm, welcoming, cozy atmosphere in spite of the open floor plan and...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    December 10, 2022

Nobody would guess her line of work

by Jeff Olsen Almost 75 years ago, there began a long running popular TV show called What's My Line? The panel would try to guess a contestant's gimmick, endeavor, or line of work. Please meet... Full story


My Love For the Summer Season in Northern Minnesota

Essay by: Kayla Warne Roseau Community School Mrs. Didrikson, Advanced English 11 It was a hot summer morning and I immediately texted all my friends. I was ready to hit the lake at 10. I got up and p...

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    December 10, 2022

When the Chips Go Down

The other day I overheard two ladies' conversation in a restaurant. They were discussing (gossiping) the possible consequences of a third person's actions. One of the ladies used the term, when the... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    December 3, 2022

It was just another week of mostly highs

A week ago Tuesday, November 22, I was in Fargo at Retina Consultants, standing downstairs near the entrance when this attractive lady was wheeled in by her daughter. My wife was upstairs seeing her o...

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    November 26, 2022


My wife was standing on the front porch when I pulled into the driveway coming home from a road trip. I was honking my horn with my left arm stretched out the driver's side window, waving. Melissa...


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