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Good For Thee, But Not For Me

It would be fun to know what most of our esteemed politicians were really like when they were six or seven years old. Little terrorist wannabes would be a good first guess. Most were undoubtably very accomplished liars by that age. Some have brought...


Impeachment or Court-Martialed?

The good news for sloppy Joe Biden is that fewer people are demanding his impeachment. The bad news for him is that more and more every day are demanding he be court-martialed and tried for treason. Every politician no matter what side of the aisle...


Follow up to Aquatennial Senior Queen

Thank you very much for including the article about the Crystal woman who became the Aquatennial Senior Queen in Mpls. There needs to be some clarification. Who is Lois Fredericks? Lois Swenson Fredericks grew up in Roseau. Her father was Harry...


Article 2, Section 4

Here we go. Another day in the life.... Our ongoing saga of truth is stranger than fiction keeps marching on. The ongoing theme of liberals seems to hinge on Jim Jones Kool-Aid. Keep drinking your Joe Biden Kool-Aid, it is every bit as poisonous and...


"Never Trumpers"

It is totally obvious that the “Never Trumpers” will always be “Never Trumpers”. So far we live in a free country and everyone is still able to practice the first amendment. Unless you are on Facebook or Twitter that is. It is being kept... Full story


Why is Medical Freedom Important Even If You Took the COVID Shot?

My daughter survived the genocide in China that entailed the slaughtering of millions of babies, both unborn and born. More than 200 million girls were killed in the mass gendercide that took place during China's brutal One-Child Policy....


Ready for Global Technocrats?

This old wordsmith has been trying to put into words what Lev Hohmann was able to do. It is more than worth repeating. Luciferian elites will continue to steal elections and terrorize humanity until they meet overwhelming resistance. The objective...


Extended Fair Time Is Requested By Many People

This is why I am being a advocate and voice for MANY people!!!! People are so disappointed that the fair doesn’t run a whole complete weekend so everyone has a fair opportunity to attend the fair on a weekend because many people alternate weekends... Full story


Lies Don't Like Being Challenged

Now the all knowing CDC wants to give the jab to our children and grandchildren. So far this is a free country where freedom of choice still exists. “So far” is the catch phrase. There are approximately seventy-five million young people under... Full story


Vaxxed or Unvaxxed?

Those in agribusiness with thirsty crops, those gardeners with thirsty gardens and those sick of crunchy lawns owe the fair coming to town a big Thank You! The timely rains arrived a little late for some but very very timely for most things....


Shoulda - Woulda - Coulda

Our good friend Daniel Webster described parasite as a plant or animal that lives at the expense of others while contributing nothing. How many of our fine upstanding citizens, especially politicians, does that describe perfectly? The Obidens and...


"The Days Are Long, But The Weeks, Months And Years Just Fly By."

Til death do you part. After nearly half a century of being together this old farmer is majorly struggling to figure that out. The empty spot where she always sat along with, the marker where her ashes are in the flower garden drive the point home th... Full story


The Writing Is On The Wall

Most of us would be woefully unarmed in a game of wits with Vladimir Putin. But Sleepy Joe! Come on man. Talk about bringing a dull butter knife to a gunfight. Joe said the meeting went well and was positive. Positive for Putin and Russia! America...


What Do You Believe?

United we stand. Divided we fall. No simpler yet profound words have ever been spoken. The Obama government was and still is the most devisive in the history of the greatest nation on earth. Anyone that disagrees with them in any way is racist. NOT!... Full story


Come On Man!

It is extremely painful to watch a country we have been taught since childhood to love and respect being destroyed daily. Some say Obama is serving his third term with a senile old man as his puppet. Sleepy Joe is definitely not capable of pulling... Full story


Thinking of Ya Ya

This old farmer lost his soulmate last Sunday evening. Diane AKA Ya Ya was pretty much a one of a kind person. We met at a road crossing during the SNO MO CADE cross country race in 1973. We were marr... Full story


Civil Commitment..Is It Worth It?

Many patients have sat twenty plus years that are eighteen-years-old and older both in the MSOP in Moose Lake and the DHS in St. Peter. Both places are for those who were and are civilly committed after they have served their prison sentence for the...



2021 is turning into what promises to be one for the record books. Agri-business, formerly known as farming, is going full speed ahead. Without government guaranteed loans and downright, for lack of a better term, free money it is anyones guess how...


The Evolution of Conservatives and Liberals

How many people’s blood pressure spiked when looking at the picture of “You’re never too young to play summer ball”? It has been proven that young healthy people have a better chance to be hit by lightning than to be killed by the Chinese...


Is It Racism or Stupidity?.... You Be The Judge

9 minutes and 29 seconds seems to be the number stuck in a lot of peoples’ heads. Other than Derek’s jurors very probable fear of retribution from the increasingly radical democrat left. That is a very hard number to get past. Pig’s blood...


Letter to Roseau River Watershed Board

I am writing on behalf of the Kveen family farms and other farms in the footprint of the Roseau Lake project. Our family has farmed this land for over 100 years. When the river rises it runs on to the "lake bottom" for five days before it floods any... Full story


Letter To Roseau River Watershed District Board

I am writing on behalf of the Roseau County Landowners Coalition to express our concerns with the new operational plan for the Roseau Lake project that was passed by the Roseau River Watershed District (RRWD) Board at the March 2021 meeting....


Is It Really About Church or.......?

Next weekend, Christian churches around this area will hear the words, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son…”.  Contrary to Pastor Joe’s appalling rhetoric, John 3:16 does not say, “For God so loved...


History Lesson

In November 1923, Adolf Hitler led a violent coup against the democratic system of Germany's Weimar Republic. The coup started in an unlikely spot — a beer hall in Munich, the Burgerbraukeller, far from the capital city of Berlin and its...


Play Time Lessened For Unknowns

It is very sad when kids in sports put forth great effort to better themselves and support their team, are good players but because they don’t have the “right” last name, they don’t get equal play time as other players. My fellow co-worker...


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