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What Is Happening At Our Northern Border

I want to thank Jeff Olsen for the excellent article on what the sheriff’s department and local residents know about the illegal border crossings last week. It was a thorough article and greatly in the public interest. I do have several questions...


Roger Hites Jr. Demands Accountability

They have laws to protect people even after they're gone, no individual  can benefit on somebody's death that they could have prevented 100%. This is the actual police incident report. It states. Fact #1, Mr. and Mrs. Doily had knowledge of my...


If I Were The Devil

If spring was a baseball game, we would be in the seventh inning stretch! And still no sign of global warming! Climate change or whatever the politicians call it on any given day continues to feather their nests. Rumor has it that there is a bill to...


"Tween" Times

We in the great northland are finally in the “tween” times. That is the short break between snow removal and lawn mowing. Every season and every year seems to bring its own challenges. This spring makes this old cattleman glad to be retired and...


You Did

Here we are, over halfway through March and still no sign of global warming. There have been tougher winters, but very few that seem as long as this one. Our clocks have sprung ahead and in a few days the calender says it is spring. The woodchuck...


DNR Seeks Input On Proposed Expansion of Elk Zone 20 Near Lancaster

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is proposing to expand the boundaries of an elk hunting zone near Lancaster and is asking for public input on the proposed change. The proposal would expand the boundary of Elk Zone 20 by about 6 miles... Full story


Democrat Attack on Gun Rights Moves Forward

Submitted by Rep. Deb Kiel, Rep. John Burkel and Sen. Mark Johnson We have seen numerous harmful Democrat bills moving at lighting speed this legislative session, but among the most alarming are a series of gun control bills that go far beyond what... Full story


Bovine TB vs. Covid-19

Our country tis of thee. Sweet land of liberty. The way the liberal left democrats are leading us at breakneck speed, liberty will not be ours much longer. There still are some that say “That will never happen here.” It almost or maybe already...


Abortion Pill and Gender Transformation

On January 23rd I attended the Roseau School District board meeting. I asked the Board to consider creating a policy that prohibits employees of the school district from assisting a minor child in obtaining an abortion WITHOUT notifying the... Full story


House passes bill to enshrine abortion rights in state law

by Tessa Pieper The DFL’s top priority hit the House Floor Thursday. And after a little less than four hours of debate, HF1, was passed 69-65 and is headed to the Senate. Referred to as the “Protect Reproductive Options Act,” the bill would... Full story


Taking Time Out To Play

After a lifetime of observing all species of wildlife, the common denominator is that they all take time out to play. The Sharp-tails that stop in for the free food are no exception. There is an eight to ten foot tall snow pile on the edge of the...


Hate Uses Too Much Energy, Just Pretend They're Dead

Apparently some Times-Region readers have a few things fly a little high when they go past them. The guy’s parents that voted democrat did so after being dead. There are many many things about the 2020 election that have been proven and with the...


Wake Up Roseau!

Communism has been let in our door by us (We the People), but God stands at the door and knocks, will you/we answer or ignore Him as a people and community?  We need to look back and make changes to our lives; I have compiled my summarized list of...


Another Superbowl with Let Downs

The Super Bowl is now a done deal until next year. It seems that in today’s sports world whether football, hockey or whatever sport, when the teams are well matched the game is decided by a ref’s call. #57 was just another example. The Eagles on...


Division Is Never The Answer

I believe in freedom of speech. It is one of the gifts we as Americans have. But I also feel that we, as Americans, have the responsibility to respect that gift with a conscientious mind on how it will affect our society. It is only fitting that we...


In Regards To Roger Hites Letter

This letter is in regards to the letter written by Roger (Jimmy) Hites, Jr. a couple of weeks ago. Jimmy’s father Roger Hites, Sr. hired me to be his caregiver the day he had his accident on August 26, 2022. I was to care for him and be available... Full story


Report Finds Major Errors, Budget Concerns In Roseau Lake Project Estimates

A new report shows major errors made by the Roseau River Watershed District (RRWD) and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in their modeling of the proposed Roseau Lake Project. The report- which was commissioned by the Institute for Justice (IJ)...


Spoiled Milk Is Still White

A while back on channel 8, John Wheeler, the weatherman, talked about the snow buntings coming down from the arctic to spend some of the winter between Winnipeg and Grand Forks. One of this old farmers more enjoyable things in this short lifespan is...


Dear Reader,

There is something I just do not understand. How can Christians justify themselves when they vote for a man or party that supports abortion? It is murder! This is not about a political party issue, but BABIES! It goes like this right? Democrats are... Full story


Get Tough Or Die

This global warming AKA climate change is sure looking a lot like nothing has changed a whole lot. We usually can count on a short January thaw but January and February used to have a lot of days of “good limbing”. Good limbing usually meant...


Fishing! The WAG System

This old farmer is in no way, shape or form putting anyone down for having a love of ice fishing. But, are the what was once dozens, hundreds and now thousands of wheelhouses crippling what is probably our states best walleye fishery? When you can...


From Cows Cud To Cell Phones

Many years ago before my first cell phone it was a nice sunny day the early part of April. One of my cows was in the process of having a calf. They almost always do better when left alone to go about their business. I sat down on the sunny side of a...


Get Tough Or Die

This global warming AKA climate change is sure looking a lot like nothing has changed a whole lot. We usually can count on a short January thaw but January and February used to have a lot of days of “good limbing”. Good limbing usually meant... Full story


Roger Hites Sr.

My father was paralyzed by tripping over a dolly that was hooked up to his Thunderbird in the beginning of September, he was flown to Grand Forks Airport and admitted and had emergency surgery.... Full story


Short Days, Long Winter? Don't Decide to Hibernate!

After watching the sun come up, most mornings while drinking coffee I noticed that using the road to the east one mile away that the sun comes up nearly a mile and a half further south on the shortest day in December than on the longest in June. It...


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