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 By Catie Glodowski    Opinion    July 13, 2019 

Write On! The Eiffel Tower "Trip"

by Catie Glodowski, English 12, Mrs. Didrikson In the middle of July, 2016, five soon-to-be sophomores were enjoying their first time in Paris, France. On this day, their tour group was exploring the... Full story

 By Pastor Joe Elick    Opinion    July 13, 2019 


Maybe it's my imagination, but it seems like there are more weddings in the summer up here in the northland than at any other time of year. Perhaps for some its the Gazebo. You wouldn't want to do a... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    July 13, 2019 

Catching up with the good guys

Mike Wilebski, who lives up in Soldotna, Alaska, where the moose have the right of way on the crosswalks in the city of 4,659, sounded pretty chipper last Saturday when I called around 11 a.m. our... Full story


Strawberries, strawberries and more strawberries!

Sarah and I went on an adventure to Jenny and Dan Jones' organic strawberry farm. The adventure was one of a kind. Jenny and Dan have done an amazing job providing Roseau County with a strawberry... Full story


Write On:The Big Game

by Erick Laznicka, English 12, Mrs. Didrikson Thirty seconds left and we are down by four points. We are hosting the Grygla Chargers and they are one of the best teams that we play. Earlier in the...

 By Jed Kobernusz    Opinion    July 3, 2019

Mindset Coaching

Ever since I started the doing the WODs that I’ve created, daily I noticed my body changing in a way that I never thought possible with such a little amount of work. You have 23 hours and fifty minutes to recover. At the very least it will take...



What's the projected "special" about this week whether you're receiving this article before or after the fact. Well, you know what I'm thinking, it's the 4th OF JULY week, and we celebrate it with...


With a little help from his friends

Here today I tip my hat to Terry "the Greek" Gotziaman, who was my boss and threatened to fire me on numerous occasions when I taught special education at Roseau High School for about 19 years. I...


Crossing Rainbow bridge together

Star If you remember I mentioned in a previous column that Star had left and I thought it was to go "find a spot". After two and a half weeks she came back. I was in shock, but same thing applies here...


WRITE ON: Just Another Day on the Lake.

by Kate Dahl, English 12, Mrs. Didrikson Saturday, December twenty-second, two thousand and eighteen. We had just arrived at our family Christmas, three days early so that we could all be there to cel...



By: Pastor Joe Elick Recently our daughter, Londa, shared the following statement with me from a book she has been reading: "You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    June 29, 2019

A different take on celebrating the Fourth

If only I had the money and the time, I'd book a Red Eye Flight next Wednesday to Washington, D.C., for the biggest Fourth of July bash in American history. I prefer to remember less gaudy displays...


Pastor Joe and Julie, Julie, Julie...

The only thing on my mind is I get to have a five day break from the newspaper. We have an early deadline next week for the Fourth of July, which means we get a lot of days off! If you need to submit...


Letters to the editor: Dogs and Liberals by Sheldon Larson

For the last twenty two years we have been blessed with two of the best dogs to ever walk on this earth. We got Snoopy as a pup in the summer of ninety-seven. She was a quarter german shepard, a quarter great pyrenees, and half lab. She hunted...



Recently I was standing at the "express lane" counter at SuperOne to have a few of the sustenance's of life checked through by my friend, Taylor Warne, who always treats us customers as if each of us... Full story


Broken ankles and disappearing dogs

“On My Mind”, is quite the loaded statement this week. It’s probably best I don’t share everything that is on my mind today. It has been quite eventful lately such as Brandon breaking his ankl... Full story


WRITE ON! "Never in a Million Years"

by Madicyn Holmgren, English 12, Mrs. Didrikson Never in a million years would I have imagined myself wandering the streets of Rome, Italy, with not a care in the world, but that is exactly where I... Full story



Yes, Fathers Day is soon upon us, and maybe some of you may even be receiving this article after the fact, but there's more than Father's Day attached to the "tale" I'm going to examine. I want to... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    June 15, 2019

Honoring Their dads in their own words

My dad was a good guy even if he got grumpy. Always, I worried he would die. In elementary school in the early 1950s, he was old, in his early fifties when most of my classmates' dads had served in... Full story


Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is upon us and I am very thankful to have two fathers in my life. I had no choice in the matter with one, but wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. (So far he hasn't traded me in... Full story


50 years ago… Army First Lieutenant Valent P. Bernat, Jr. 23, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Valent Bernat, Sr. of Roseau received the Purple Heart on May 18 near Saigon, Vietnam.

5 years ago – June 14, 2014 Katie Engevik, RHS Class of 2009 and Jon Dahl, RHS Class of 2010, were selected as Fulbright Scholars. They both were leaving for Germany for participation in the... Full story

 By Jed Kobernusz    Opinion    June 15, 2019

Mindset Coaching

Have you ever heard of the Rule of Seven? It's an old marketing strategy that I've come to realize also works for changing your lifestyle. The rule of seven for permanent change works exactly like the rule of 7 for marketing. Why do you think that... Full story


WRITE ON! "I'm Going to Marry You One Day"

by Jodi Ostroski, English 12, Mrs. Didrikson I have two little neighbor boys, Axel and Knox, who live about half a football field away from me. They are over a lot in the summer because Jared who is...

 By Pastor Joe    Opinion    June 8, 2019


My wife and I had the privilege of attending the Roseau School kindergarten graduation recently. Can you imagine that? Kindergarteners graduating? They even had the caps, and each child had been...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    June 8, 2019

We're so lucky to be living right now

The other night, it all came to me in a dream sequence. Down the stairs he came in his gold-plated pajamas one fine morning and little Donald stormed into the kitchen and declared to the family's...


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