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Avery Novotny notches a hole-in-one at Oakcrest

Using a 7 iron on the 183-yard 7th hole, Avery Novotny claimed bragging rights for the first hole in one at Oakcrest Golf Course in Roseau on Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Novotny, 30, didn't want his photo taken despite the encouragement of his golfing partners, Jason Hanson and Jared Strand.

He teed off on the 7th hole with a Maxfli Noodle 1, which went out of sight.

See it go in?

"Nope, none of us did, but we didn't see it behind the green. So, Jason and Jared thought it went in.

It most certainly did go in, and that Maxfli Noodle 1 is forever in safe keeping.

When asked why he didn't want one of h...


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