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WRITE ON: My Trip to Lake Kabetogama by: Rylee Habiger


August 9, 2019

Lake Kabetogama

by Rylee Habiger, English 7, Mrs. Didrikson

So it was the Fourth of July and my mom gave my brother and I, the option if we wanted, to go to Lake of the Woods and camp on an island or Lake Kabetogama. We were like "Well, we go to Lake of the Woods a lot!" So we looked up Lake Kabetogama and we found a whole bunch of pictures of people holding huge walleyes. So my brother and I were just like, "Yeah we want to go."

The next day we packed everything up, hooked up our boat and we left. But we remembered that we forgot our fishing rods and we forgot to have someone watch our dog. Finding nobody, we just brought him with us. The trip was four hours long, but there was some good scenery and there was a lot of deer and other animals. On the way we had to stop and get gas for the truck and the boat.      

When we got there we unloaded the boat and put all the supplies in it. Then we went in the office there and bought a map to see where to go. Then we left on the boat and on the way we fished but we didn't catch anything. Then all of a sudden we saw this really cool looking island so we stopped to look at it better and we saw a dock so we went and tied up to the dock and started setting up camp. 

 We had to set up two tents and a patio place where bugs couldn't get in. That's where we ate at. The first day we set up most of the time, but the first night we went fishing for a couple of hours and I caught a 25 inch walleye, my brother caught a 15 and a 18 inch walleye, my moms boyfriend caught a 14 inch walleye and a northern. When we were fishing my mom made supper and we had hot dogs and then we went to sleep.

When we woke up we had eggs and pop tarts then we went searching for beaches to go swimming. We found one but there was a lot of people there so we didn't go. Then we had a long drive to Kettle Falls and there was a tribute band honoring Johnny Cash.

So we watched them and after, we went fishing. On our way back the wind started picking up and there were huge white caps. When we got back one of our tents was missing from the wind but we couldn't find it so we just went to bed.We kept getting up at night because everything was soaked so we started using table cloths and clothes as blankets. 

When we woke up we dried everything off and packed up. We went fishing and  we caught a couple but we didn't keep them because we were going home later in the day. Then we went swimming one last time but this time we took our dog. Then we went back to the island, grabbed all of our stuff and went on a boat ride. 

  We went to where we landed first and we told the people working at the office about how rough it was but we also told them how much fun we had. On the way home we stopped at a parade. So the next year we went there again but we went out of a different resort and we stayed at a cabin. I liked that better because it wasn't as cold as being in a tent and the mosquitoes weren't as bad but the horseflies were horrible especially while we were swimming.

A good part about staying there was they had a water trampoline we could jump on. It was a lot of fun because that was the year my sister was born and she caught her first fish there. It was little, but a fish is a fish. A bad part about that year was the fishing wasn't as good as it was the first time, but the second year was better than the first. 

 The next year (2018) was even better. The cabin was nicer and  even the fishing was better and that year my grandma and grandpa came with. We had a lot of fun with them. We played baseball, volleyball, horseshoes, fished, and swam. At the office there is a claw machine where you pretty much can't lose. When we were there I got about 20 stuffed animals for my sister. She was really happy. 

When we were there it went by really fast and before I knew it we had to leave. It was a bad day because it was pouring rain and it was lightning. On the way home it stopped raining and we saw a trail and we went on it. We found blueberries and we got a lot. My mom and brother ate them all because I don't like blueberries. When we were on the trail there was this steep staircase. 

At the top there was a amazing view. You could see the tall green pine trees from a distance and below there was this swampy looking area. There was tons of trails deer trails, and some even looked like bear tracks. Then we left and we went home and unloaded. We looked forward to next year.

(Editor): Lake Kabetogama is a glacier carved 26-mile long lake that offers an abundance of structure for fishing walleye with hundreds of beautiful islands. One of many lakes, found in over 65 miles of interconnected wilderness waterways of Voyageurs National Park.


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