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Do #1 Thing to Stop Domestic Violence


October 26, 2019

A total of 685 people were killed by an intimate partner over the past 30 years in Minnesota. Those are only the ones we know about, and it doesn’t include those physically or emotionally injured. The numbers can make domestic violence seem like an overwhelming problem.

But you can do something about it. This month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and whether you’re a survivor, a service provider, or a bystander, you can do #1 Thing to address domestic violence. Believe victims. Write to your policymakers. Volunteer at a shelter. Vote. Donate to programs that provide services to domestic violence survivors. Model respectful relationships. Share your story. You don’t have to do it all, just #1Thing.

Even if your #1 Thing seems small, it will combine with the #1 Things of your whole community to create real social change. Together, we can eradicate domestic violence.

Learn more about the help available through our Office of Justice Programs at If you need help, call (866-223-1111) or text (612-399-9995) the Minnesota Day One Crisis Line.


John Harrington

Minnesota Department of Public Safety

St. Paul, MN


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