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December 20, 2019

Dear Santa, how are you doing? Are the elves good? How are the reindeer doing and Rudolph. Please can you bring me chalk paint, boards and designs, slime, barbies an i-p0d. Are you getting the sleigh ready yet? We made pictures of your reindeer. They are on our classroom wall. Today we are going to put up a Christmas tree in our classroom. Your friend, Madilyn Pulk

Dear Santa, how old are you? I’m guessing you are 200 years old. I want an xbox 1 and poke-man cards and I almost forgot I want a Niatendo switch please! And by the way do you get presents? From Brody Betcher

Dear Santa, how are the reindeer? Is it snowy? Is Rudolph good? Can I please have legos? I will set out cookies. How do you know where to go? How do you get in if we don’t have a chimney? How big is your sleigh? How many reindeer are there? Your friend, Mason Biermaier

Dear Santa, how are you? Is it snowy” What is it like there? Can you see the clouds? What do you like to do there? Have a very Merry Christmas! From Stellan Hagen

Dear Santa, I’ve been good. I would like a big dinosaur Jet. Thanks Jaden Boe

Mrs King, Grade 3

Dear Santa, hi Santa. My name is Martine. Are the elves ready for Christmas? How are the reindeer doing. Is it hard taking care of reindeer? It would be nice if you would get me a brand new baby doll for Christmas. Thank you. I can’t wait to open it on Christmas I cant wait to go Sledding with my brother Crosby. Sincerely, Martine Reese

Dear Santa, can I have a really cool Dino toy. I have been really good this year. How are the elves doing. Can I get an Iphone11 Pro? It would be sick. Can you give me a remote control car. I hope you have a good Christmas. Sincerely, Ridge Lundquist

Dear Santa, how are you? Santa are the elves working with you? I want toys for Christmas and a computer reblox and minecraft. Merry Christmas Deven Hess

Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl this year. I want Converse ALL Star shoes, a new phone case and a pair of slippers like Avery’s Mice ones. How is Mrs. Clause doing? Are the reindeer ready for Christmas? I want a pair of cowgirl boots, a light blue pair. I want 300$ for Christmas and a surprise too. Your Friend, Alison Berggren

Dear Santa, may I have a play station four or a short form PS4 for my big screen tv. You can get my sister LOL dolls, barbies, and a stuffed animal unicorn. Can your reindeer skate? What do you do in the summer? How do the elves make all those toys> How do you deliver all of those presents in one night? Your friend, Hayden Picard

Dear Santa, I want a phone watch and or phone. I’ve been good. I’m nice to my siblings. I’ve helped them with the house. I’ve been good at school. Thank you Santa. From, Justin Landin

Dear Santa, hi Santa! I really wanted you back. I really want a lot of American girl doll school supplies. I really want it so much. But if I got coal too bad. So, how are you doing and Mrs. Claus? I am good. But I really hope I was good because getting coal is, well I think not very good. Your friend, Sienna Galbraith

Dear Santa, how are you? I am doing fine. For Christmas I would like a toy drone and a fishing rod. How are your reindeer doing? How are the elves doing? Are they working on presents yet? Also if you can, could I have a camera? Merry Christmas! Sincerely Silas Hinson

Dear Santa, hi how are you? How are the elves? I think I’ve been good this year. Can you tell mrs. Claus hi please? I want accessories for my dolls. I want new clothes for my dogs to stay warm for Christmas. I would like some books for my Mom. I hope you can get it all to me. Your Friend, Carly Perkins

Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl. Is riding in a sleigh fun? How are you and how is Mrs. Claus? How do you watch us? I am good. How are your reindeer doing? Is Dasher fast? Do you have a electronic besides a computer? What are your elves names? What is your wife’s name? I want an LOL Glamper and a new pair of figure skates. Hope you have a good Christmas. Sincerely. Emma Wright

Dear Santa, I’ve always wanted an automatic bee bee gun. I think I have been good this year. But this week I wasn’t that good. But I won’t do that again. I still will always believe in you. I also want painting tools cause we love painting. We watch painting on TV every day. And my dad wants me to do some paintings. And I also want a new watch cause I love learning time and Keeping track of the time. Your friend, Breck Hovda

Dear Santa, hi Santa, how is it going? How are your reindeer doing? Merry Christmas to everyone and Santa. I will see you soon! I want you to get me duck decoys for hunting. Hi reindeer! Are you helping Santa. You better be. Hi elves, are you getting presents ready? Cause I want duck hunting decoys. Your Friend, Tegan Lins

Dear Santa, how are you? Is Mrs. Claus making chocolate chip cookies? I bet the elves have been working hard this year. So I know I haven’t been that good this year and I Know that I made some mistakes. But this year I want a watch guitar, water bottle, and for everyone to be nice, thankful, and happy I love you Santa. Merry Christmas! Your Friend, Kallie Hoard

Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. I want 12 days of Squishes for Christmas. I also want Pimi Pops for Christmas. Do the reindeer get any presents on Christmas? How many reindeer do you have. Do the reindeer know now to ice skate or ski? Sincerely, Aria Gregerson

Dear Santa, I have been ok. This week I was very good. I want an Indy EVD 550 quick start with Blue and red stripes. How is your wife doing right now? How are your reindeer doing? Is dasher, doing ok? Is Mrs. Claus in shape to? Your Friend, Cael Mack

Dear Santa, I have been a very good boy. What I would want for Christmas is a fortnite Nerf gun. Is Mrs. Claus dooing ok? Because, I was wondering what does she do when you are giving presents to kids? What do you do when someone like me doesn’t have a chimney and there is screechy? Your Friend, Brayden Krank

Dear Santa, hi Santa how are you? What do you and your elves do at summer time? This year I’m going to be really nice! I love Christmas and Easter! What holidays do you like? What I want for Christmas is Legos, candy, toys, and a Ty boo. My favorite subject is math. Your Friend Morgann Nelson

Dear Santa, I want an Iphone 8 for Christmas, Ice fishing rods, and ice fishing tackle. My name is Ethan. What is your full name Santa? I have a brother that is pretty good. He loves dinosaurs and sharks, if you were wondering. I like hunting sets and fishing sets. Merry Christmas Santa! Your Friend, Ethan Vasko

Dear Santa, Hi Santa sorry I stole. How are the elves? May I have an ipad and a few packs of Halo and maybe a pack of football cards? I have a pet lizard, please get her some food. At least get my brother and sister their presents. Sincerely, Abram Huener

Dear Santa, I want a watch for Christmas. How are you doing Santa? And your elves doing? I want a nearf gun too. I hope I am on the good list! My cat might scratch you but she is probably playing with you. Please give me a good present. How is Dasher doing? Did you know that Dasher is my favorite, reindeer. If you see my cat playing with the ornaments please stop her. Otherwise my mom will get mad at the cat. Also get Med PS4 and the game Call Of Duty. Thanks Your Friend, Bentley Smith

Dear Santa, I would like an Iphone 6 plus a $50 Itunes gift card, and popsocket. For my mom’s Nintendo switch. I would like a pack of 2 controllers it looks like this 0=0. And may I have a $20 Nintendo e-shop gift card. For my teacher may I have a giant Hershey’s kiss. For my mom I would like a long long hug. Your Friend, Isaiah Mather

Dear Santa, hi Santa how are you doing? Santa I want A robot and toy allger. I want to ask you a question, have you ever watched the movie the Grinch Stole Christmas? Santa I want a Iphone 6 and Ive been begging for a dirt bike and a bunch of nerf guns. How are your reindeer doing? Your Friend, Drew Lovejoy

Dear Santa, how are you? I hope you are great so you can get us presents. I like LOL balls, I phone 8,10,11, a real cat, bunny toys, paint supplies, shirts, pants, shoes, slime and money. By brother wants a fish auger and a gun. My sister might want a slime kit. Your friend, Abby Edberg


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