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Roseau City Council Has High Hopes


by Jeff Olsen

It's not in the works yet, but the mood is optimistic that the City of Roseau might be turning a big corner.

"It's baby steps," said Mayor Jeff Pelowski following Monday's meeting, noting that the Roseau Public Library would begin curbside service starting on Thursday, April 30.

"The council talked about the playgrounds, and we will keep those closed for another week," he said, adding that the city crew wasn't going to fence off the playgrounds, but there will be police tape.

"Hopefully, Governor Walz will relax standards a bit so we will feel more comfortable opening them up," he said. "We'll see how it shakes out. We're meeting next Monday."

He emphasized that a really big deal would be if some retail businesses are allowed to open up even if Gov. Walz extends the stay-at-home order, which expires on Sunday night.

"If he does extend it, I think there will be more of those gradual openings like happened with the small manufacturing and the office-type situations that went into effect on Monday," said Pelowski.

"So, we're hoping some of the retail will get opened up, but there will be a catch to that."

He noted that the protocol will require business owners to put together a preparedness plan.

"They don't have to submit it to the state for review, but they need to have a plan in place in case they get asked for it or if they apply for funding," he said.

Promotions Director Mary Hoffer will be directing C & C members to have a preparedness plan in place once the governor gives the green light.

"Shelly Moren sent the template so they don't have to invent the wheel on a plan how they are going to protect themselves as well as their customers," said Pelowski.

The golf course opened last Saturday and also has to practice social distancing.

"They will have a plan in place on how to limit exposure to the staff and golfers," he said. "We're trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy, but we're far from normal yet. It was a good meeting. We hope we can loosen things up while keeping people safe. That's the goal."

Councilmember Comments

"The biggest thing right now is to see what the governor's plan is for our state next week," said Brady Johnson, fully aware that local businesses are struggling.

"Hopefully, we can open soon and get our local economy rolling," he said, highlighting that there have been no new COVID-19 cases in Roseau County.

He then complimented the Oakcrest Golf Course personnel, singling out Mark Wilson, the president of the board, Laura Strand and Shelly LaPlante in the pro shop, and grounds superintendent Alex Halstensgard.

"They have done an amazing job getting the course ready for business," he said.


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