Write On: River Trail Ride


by Gabriella Heinen, English 7, Mrs. Didrikson

Me, my mom, my sister, Jen, (my horse trainer), and Tess (Jens daughter) planned to go on a trail ride. It was a bit of a chilly summer afternoon, my mom and I, and my sister got ourselves ready and then headed out to the horse barn to get our two horses (Maggie and Sadie), plus our tack. We then went to Jen's house to start tacking up the horses. My sister and I, plus Tess rode around the yard for a little bit while we waited for my mom and Jen to get ready.

    We all then started our trail ride. We rode between two fields. Soon we came up to an adjoining field, and my sister and I loped ahead. Jen's dog Partner came with us (he loves going with us). Partner liked to run ahead while my sister and I continued to lope ahead. We started to go up onto this dirt road. We still had a few minutes to ride before we made it to the river. When we made it to the river we had to go down a bit of a slope. When we got down the slope the water wasn't that deep, but it got deeper as we went in. The horses surprisingly loved the water. It was starting to get a bit dark, so we decided head back. When we made it back to the field, my sister and I, and Tess pretended to be charging. Partner ran along with us. When we made it back to Jen's house, Jen and I raced our horses into a gallop. It was a lot of fun. Even though Maggie is 26 (which is really old for a horse) she is really fast. I think it's the Arabian in her. It was a long ride and a really fun way to spend our day.


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