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Whats Next Sharia Law???


Collusion, collusion, collusion, covid, covid, covid! Now it’s racism, racism, racism! The radical left politicians and politician wannabes are showing just how short they are on patience and even more so on smarts. Yes there are bad doctors, bad nurses, bad bus drivers, bad lawyers and bad cops. Joe Biden saying ten to fifteen percent of people in this country are not very good people is way too high. A small fraction of a percent is probably a lot closer to the truth. Good people don’t make for good news. For a bad cop to act as judge, jury and executioner is as bad as it can get. His rapsheet on use of excessive force was almost as long as that of George Floyd’s. He should have had his uniform cut off a long time before all of this went down. Why none of the other officers did not tap him on the shoulder and say “ hey he has had enough” is something they will have the rest of their lives to think about. Now the same mentality that wants to take away all guns because of a few bad actors wants to do away with all police. All law enforcement should take two weeks off in those liberal strongholds so everyone gets a taste of lawlessness. It would be a lesson not soon forgotten. Black Lives Matter is the most racist thing to hit our great country in a long time. The race riots of the sixties were something to behold too. If black lives matter then why is the leading cause of death among blacks abortion? Abortions don’t make you unpregnant, they make you the parent of a dead child. The leading cause of death among young black males is being killed by another young black male. There are more blacks killed every week in Chicago than are killed all year by police. There are more than three law enforcement officers killed by blacks than every black killed by officers.

It has been suggested that due to COVID people should riot at home and destroy their own stuff. No one, no matter what color their skin, can demand respect and expect to get it. Hard work, pride in yourself, and pride in your community will earn respect.

Some continue to confuse fear with respect. Fear and trying to instill fear in others is what gets good people hurt and killed. There is a very wide gap between fear and respect that will never ever be filled. What is happening in our country now has got to be an embarrassment for a large percentage of blacks and whites. Hopefully our justice department will figure out who was putting pallets of bricks and incendiary devices where the riots were going to be. Follow the money one more time.

Here are a few fun facts about the thousands of Muslims Obama imported into our great state. Farmers are killing and burying seven hundred thousand pigs a week. Sharia Law prohibits pork products of any kind. All sports are cancelled. Sharia Law prohibits all sports. All bars are closed. Sharia Law prohibits consumption of alcohol. All churches and church gatherings are closed. Sharia Law prohibits any religion but Islam-Mosques remain open. In Sharia Law it is alright to lie to any infidel. Anyone that is not Muslim is considered an infidel and are to be killed ASAP. Wake up America! Freedom of religion does not mean killing anyone and everyone that doesn’t convert. The religious crusades way back when were some of the nastiest, bloodiest times this world has ever seen. Put them to the sword! The gay community especially should study up on Sharia Law. Sharia Law has no time for gay pride. Muslims have two ways of dealing with infidels, death by stoning or beheading. There are a few visible Muslims in our government, but there are most likely many more not seen than seen. This country that most of us love has way too many that hate it. Those ones have to be found out, brought out into the open and dealt with like the cancer they are.

Sheldon Larson

P.S. If the people that are residents of the greatest country on earth aren’t concerned for its well being, “Wake Up!”

P.S.S. Just because the descendants of the “Greatest Generation” mostly remain quiet, don’t think for a second they aren’t out there.

P.S.S.S. Our lawns and agribusiness have gotten much needed rain. Thank you very much! Please shut it off now.

P.S.S.S.S. Hopefully this COVID stay at home thing has brought more families together than it has torn apart.


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