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Write On: The Best Part of me, my hands


November 14, 2020

by Hope Grafstrom, English 11, Mrs. Didrikson

The best part of me is my hands. My hands do so many things that make me me. My hands play a huge role in my life. They may be small and a little clumsy at times, but I appreciate all they have done with me.

    These hands make music. They sat with me through countless grueling hours as a kid practicing piano and perfecting my skills as a musician. They make rhythmic beats on a bass drum or set the tempo for the jazz band with the drum set. My hands play simple cowboy chords and notes on my acoustic Alvarez as well as intricate riffs and barre chords on my electric Fender. They may not be the prettiest between the calluses, slivers, and broken nails, but they sure do make some awesome tunes.

    These hands help people. My hands have been trained in first aid. They hold my lifeguard tube when I work at the pool and hold my stethoscope at the nursing home. My hands help me take blood pressure and give baths, they also help me apply bandages or give CPR. 

    These hands can build. I have been doing construction and farm work since I was young with my dad and brothers. From shingling and painting to plastering and texturing my hands have learned from the masters and progressed immensely.

These hands celebrate. My hands give me the ability to express joy at life's most awesome moments. Doing the single clap at speech meets, playing the Roseau fight song after the girl's hockey team winning in overtime, praising Jesus at youth group, or throwing them up in the air at Elton John. They high five and fist bump friends. These hands are mine.


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