SANTA LETTERS! Have Arrived!


December 23, 2020

Mrs. Brateng, Kindergarten

Dear Santa, I have been really good. Please bring me:

Octavia – Barbies and make up

Jase – Star Wars Legos and Pokemon Cards

Irianis – Dancing Ribbons

Payton – Barbies or Barbie Playhouse

Tucker – Remote control Car

Harrison _ Imaginext Power Rangers, Imaginext Teen Titans, Goo – Jitsu Avengers, and a Scooter

Wyatt – Remote control card

Samuel – Remote Control Car

Carly – Big Playhouses

Ava – To go to the beach

Neil – R2-D2

Jaxon – Remote Control Car

Aiden – Reptar

Rowdy – Remote Control Car

Layton – Remote control Mini Sprint

Bristyn – Big LOL Box

Mrs. Kelsey Vatnsdal – Kindergarten

Dear Santa I have been really good this year. I would really like it if you could bring me:

Dylan: an iPad

Kyle: roadbucks

Alana: an American Girl Doll

Braelyn: unicorn earmuffs

William: a giant toy bear

Ava: whatever you want

Fynn: a tractor with 4 wheels side by side

Eden: an American Girl doll and Elsa

James; Laser Tag Guns

Annaya; an American Doll

Greyson: a green remote controlled 4-wheeler

Sammy: Reindeer and Elf

Lena: a dragon that flies

Brodie: a race car

Jacob: Batman cave

Gabriel: Undecided

Kavya: doll house

Mrs. Brittany McCormack, Kindergarten

Dear Santa,Ive been good this year. Please bring me a:

Lucas – an xBox

Asher – a brand new toy truck

Lincoln_ and ice cream shop

Carson – a stuffy

Briggs – a Fortnite toy that you can connect to another one

Henley – a Barbie dream house

Lexie – a LOL surprise

Oscar- Fun toys

Gage- a real puppy named Throttle

Nora- a playmobile hospital

Anna – a LOL doll

Ava – a LOL doll

Tessa – a real kitty

Colin – a dually Dodge Ram Toy

Rachael – a polly pocket

Jaxie – a big set of LOL’s

Mrs. Jensen, Kindergarten

Dear Santa Claus,This year I have been really good please bring me:

Brayden: Remote control boat

Blake: Remote control boat

Oliver: Baby Yoda

Britton: American girl doll

Ivy: Toy make up

Priscilla: Spirit horse stuffed animal

Ivan: Remote control digger

Naida: Barbie castle

Ava E: Horse with a barbie House

Bennett: a power ranger sword

Jaxon: PS4

Eythan: Remote control car

Paige: a barbie and a barrel racing horse

Avah: LOL Surprise dolls

Adam: Minecraft game

Levi: a fighting man

Beau: Legos

Mrs. Jerome’s Kindergarten

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year! Please bring me a….

Luke – Remote Control Car.

Laney – Stuffed Santa.

Emily – Remote control Car

Konner – Lego car that drives by itself

Henry – Ryan Vending Machine toy

Brayden – Skateboard

Remi – Big Teddy Bear

August – My own Sled for sledding down a hill

Madison - an LOL Doll

Tyler -Snow Globe that you can shake and snow comes down.

Jonathan – Batman watch

Lydia - Stuffed Unicorn

Otto- Reindeer Lantern

Tianna – and LOL Doll

Allison _ Tiny stuffed Unicorn

Thank You Santa! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mr Bergstrom, Grade 1

Dear Santa, how are your reindeer doing? I hope you have a safe flight. Please bring me skates and Play Doh for Christmas. Love Gracie Hayden

Dear Santa, how are your reindeer doing? How cold is it at the North Pole? I would like a Barbie Color Reveal and a Tuddy. Love Braylee Olson

Dear Santa, does Rudolph really have a red nose? Do all elves have pointy ears? I would like a elf and a Princess Puppy for Christmas. Love Keira Betcher

Dear Santa, I would like a lego train in set. I will leave you some Christmas cookies. How are you doing? Fly Safe! From, Axel Heinen

Dear Santa, is it fun driving your sleigh? Can I take a train to the North Pole? I would like a toy train and clock. Love Trace Floyd

Dear Santa, what is your favorite cookie? I tried to be good this year I would like some car legos. I will leave cookies out for you. Love Tyler King

Dear Santa, I would like a fast race car. How have the elves been? Hope you have a good trip! Love Lucas Knorr

Dear Santa, I would like black clothes and legos. I have tried to be good this year. I love you Santa. What is your Favorite kind of cookie? Love Colten Grengs

Dear Santa, how do your reindeer fly? What do your reindeer like to eat the most? I would like a big car I can play in. I would also like a Barbie Dream House. Thank you, Love Amelia Smith

Dear Santa, how is Rudolph doing? How are you doing Santa? I would like a Goo jit zu and a giant dinosaur. Thank you, Love Gavon Jennings

Dear Santa, how are your reindeer doing? How are your elves doing this year? I would like the Nintendo switch and Legos please. Love Jase Otto

Dear Santa, how are your reindeer doing? How is Rudolph doing this year? I would like a blue hoverboard for Christmas Please. Love Jaylie Maxwell

Dear Santa, how is Rudolpf doing this year? How are you doing Santa? I woould like a monster truck for Christmas. Thank you. Love Keaton Huerd

Dear Santa, are you having a good Christnas this year? Are your reindeer doing ok? Please bring me a slime kit and a Christmas tree for my room. Love Javi Larsen

Dear Santa, how are your elves doing? How are your reindeer doing this year? I would like a guinea pig and a LOL doll. Thank you, Love Marissa Kompelien

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