Patrolman Buckentin is the new cop in Roseau


January 30, 2021

Roseau Police Chief Ward Anderson congratulating Josh Buckentin after swearing him in.

Roseau Police Chief Ward Anderson has sworn in many new police officers over the last two decades.

The latest is Josh Buckentin, formerly of LaPorte, Minnesota - a young man who was hired on December 28 and sworn in on January 12.

"Josh is our new patrolman and he's still undergoing training," said Chief Anderson, who appreciates the new patrolman's qualities.

"He's very personable, trustworthy, smart, a good communicator, and comes from a good family," he said, adding that Josh's parents were present for the swearing in.

Afterwards, Patrolman Josh Buckentin, a graduate of Walker-Hackensack High School where he played football and baseball through his senior year, explained why he didn't participate in a winter sport.

"I could have wrestled, but I like ice fishing a little more than wrestling," he said.

Following high school, he attended Central Lakes College at the Brainerd campus.

"I majored in Natural Resources and Law Enforcement. My old man went there for Natural Resources/Forestry," he said, adding that his dad still works for the U.S. Forest Service.

Always, though, the newest cop in town has had his focus on protecting and serving.

"Ever since I was three feet tall, it's the only thing that I ever wanted to do," he said.

Prior to graduating from Central Lakes College in 2020, he did his skills training for law enforcement in the summer of 2019.

While he's always wanted to be a cop, his choice of employment has revolved around the outdoors.

"I worked at resorts on Leech Lake all the way through high school and the year after high school," he said, adding that he then worked full-time in Brainerd.

"I was driving a forklift at Menards," he said.

He's done a wide variety of jobs from cleaning fish to filling up outboard motors to unloading semis.

"Nothing's cheap. You gotta work," he said.

Consider Patrolman Buckentin an average-sized guy at five-ten and 170 pounds.

"I was an offensive tackle and defensive end," he said about his high school football days.

Been up here before?

"I've been up here ice fishing, That was another big part of me coming up here. It's the outdoors aspect of hunting and fishing. That's what I live and breathe."

He next mentioned his parents.

"My dad is Darren, and he is employed at Superior National Forest," he said, adding that his dad is pretty proud of him for achieving his dream.

"My mom, Nancy, works at Cass Lake-Bena Elementary School and is equally proud that I am a police officer," he said, noting that Roseau is a nice fit for him.

"I like the small town aspect where everybody knows everybody, and everyone is good people," he said, mentioning that he's enjoyed meeting people around town.

"The reaction has been good," he said. If nothing else, they can talk about hunting and fishing.

His badge number is 1478, and he has been working four days a week.

"I have no complaints," he said on Tuesday, January 12, as he hit the ground running as the City of Roseau's newest cop.


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