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Write On: The Best Part Part Of Me: My Hair


March 20, 2021

by Nicholas Magnusson, English 11, Mrs. Didrikson

My hair on my head is my favorite and the best part of me. It is boring and straight most days, but I am really looking forward to letting it grow out a lot more than it already has. I made a plan to stop getting it cut last school year in early 2020. I am aware that it is more of a feminine thing, but that just makes me more proud to go against stereotypes. This  hair is originally dirty blonde or something, but I got it highlighted and the pigment removed. Also meaning, it's permanent or it won't fade back to the original color. 

While I slowly learn what it's like to live with long hair, I also have to deal with challenges in between. Challenges such as dealing with the awkward phase where the hair isn't long or short enough to look pleasing, seeing forward where the hair is over my eyes, and eating where I have to make sure I don't eat a chunk of my hair every meal. 

I enjoy this hair so much simply because it just stands out and defines who I am and that I prefer living uniquely. Also because I love the way it looks. Since I have straight hair, I have the option to curl it whenever I please. While I don't expect any military cuts in my future, I'll just have to keep on growing my hair out.


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