Letter to Roseau River Watershed Board


April 17, 2021

I am writing on behalf of the Kveen family farms and other farms in the footprint of the Roseau Lake project. Our family has farmed this land for over 100 years. When the river rises it runs on to the "lake bottom" for five days before it floods any private farmlands. This has been our safety net for many years and we seldom lose a crop when the river rises during the summer months. Over the years, farmers have become more efficient at getting rainwater to run into the river. The DNR is planning to build a dike on the north side of the river that is 2.5 feet higher than the land on the south side of the river. Doing this will flood acres of very productive farmland that will not be farmable. This will affect many farms.

I believe when the Watershed approved scenario #1 that they didn't realize this. This will also drive the wildlife from the area. We have deer, bear and recently two moose that we see on the island. We also have many other smaller animals. I also have let people camp on the island.

The DNR's proposal to flood this land will not be good for fishing. It will only be good for ducks and mosquitoes. We are asking you to rescind support of this scenario. We are also asking you

to meet with the farmers to make a plan that would be agreeable to the farmers and to the DNR.

I am asking this on behalf of the Kveen family and also on behalf of the other families in the footprint.

Terry Kveen and family


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