Write On: Born With A Soulmate


April 17, 2021

by: Jadyn Novak - Creative Writing Class - Teacher, Katie Laugen

My tiny, bare body wriggles around

As I gasp for air, I stop from a sound

The familiarity rings within me

I intertwine my fingers with hers slowly

The power of a touch, even so slight

She healed, seemingly overnight

My pale body grew darker

Her purple body grew lighter

Months later, our skin is the same

Silky smooth is what it became

A peach hue with cool accents

"Identical," say the comments

We spoke our own language

As we cried out in anguish

The words, made up

Easily, we pick it up

Reaching the next phase of life

Between us, there was constant strife

But you held me when I fell

And my heart began to swell

The connection we have

Of you, I am simply one half

Together, we are one

Our love burning bright like the sun

We walk through life's difficult path

Dodging others' unreasonable wrath


Through it all, we'll remain standing

From those inside jokes at late-night hours

To running outside to pick vibrant flowers

All of those memories I cherish within me

The future that awaits us, I cannot wait to see

Simply separating wouldn't be an option

Living nearby is the only conclusion

So, with a complete heart

The connection we have, I shall safeguard


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