New Online Document Pre-Verification Tool Will Help Minnesotans Get Their REAL ID Faster


Minnesotans now have until May 3, 2023, to be REAL ID ready, but many will decide whether to apply for a REAL ID or enhanced driver’s license or ID (EDL/EID) when they renew their driver’s license or ID card in the coming months.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services division (DPS-DVS) encourages Minnesotans to take advantage of online tools at to help with the decision-making and application process.

• Use the online Help Me Choose tool to select the best license or ID type for their needs.

• Pre-apply online to save time during the office visit.

• Those who choose to apply for a REAL ID or EDL/EID now have the option to submit their required documents online for pre-verification before they visit an office.

Pre-verification saves trips to a DL office

DPS-DVS launched the online pre-verification tool March 29, to help reduce repeat office visits and reduce processing times for REAL ID and EDL/EID card applications. As of April 28, 7,136 Minnesotans have applied for document pre-verification. On average, Minnesotans who successfully pre-verify documents receive their driver’s license or ID card in seven to ten business days.

“We want Minnesotans to successfully apply for a REAL ID during their first office visit and not have to make repeat trips,” Driver and Vehicle Services Director Emma Corrie said. “Applying for a REAL ID requires additional documentation, and the process has often led to customers needing to go home, get additional documents and return for a second visit. Pre-applying and pre-verifying documents can prevent this from happening.”

 Federal REAL ID deadline


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security extended the REAL ID full enforcement deadline to May 3, 2023. The deadline was previously set for later this year.

Beginning May 3, 2023, Minnesotans will not be able to use their standard driver’s license or ID card to board domestic flights or enter federal facilities. Instead, they will need one of three options:

1. A passport or passport card.


3. An enhanced driver’s license or ID.

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) lists several other less-common forms of identification that are also acceptable for federal purposes.

A REAL ID is optional. Minnesotans may apply for a REAL ID when they renew their license or ID card.

 Pre-Verification Process

Eligible Minnesotan may pre-verify their documents while pre-applying online at Participation is optional.

1. Those who choose to participate will upload clear, high quality images of the documents they select during their pre-application.

2. DPS-DVS will review the uploaded documents within three business days and send an email confirming the documents are pre-verified. DPS-DVS will send an email with details and next steps if there are issues with any of the uploaded documents.

3. The eligible Minnesotan will receive the pre-verification notification, and then bring the original documents to their local office to complete their REAL ID or EDL/EID application.

To participate, Minnesotans:

• Must be 18 or older.

• Must have a Minnesota driver’s license or number.

• Must provide their Social Security number during the pre-application.

• Must have a verified address on record with DPS-DVS or select to do an address change and provide a new address.

Minnesotans who are renewing an EDL/EID or REAL ID are not eligible for pre-verification and are only required to bring documents when renewing if they are changing their name or address.

Federal and Minnesota laws require a person to submit their original required documents, pass a vision screening and have a new photo taken to complete their application at a DVS exam station or driver’s license office.

Minnesotans can still use the pre-application feature if they choose not to use the pre-verification tool. DPS-DVS strongly encourages anyone who is renewing or applying for a driver’s license or ID card to pre-apply online at This feature allows Minnesotans to enter a significant portion of their application online, reducing the time they spend in the office. It also lists the required documents for each license type so applicants can have all necessary documents ready when they visit their local office.

 Pre-verification Statistics

Since its launch March 29, 7,136 Minnesotans participated in pre-verification. This includes:

• 4,243 pre-verifications for EDL/EID applications.

• 2,893 pre-verifications for REAL ID applications.

DPS-DVS approved 2,715 of the applications submitted for pre-verification.

• 1,131 pre-verifications for EDL/EID applications.

• 1,584 pre-verifications for REAL ID applications.

U.S. Passports

Passports and passport cards meet federal identification requirements, so Minnesotans who already have passports do not need to apply for a REAL ID or enhanced driver’s license. They can simply use their passport of passport card to board domestic flights and enter federal facilities on and after May 3, 2021.

The U.S. Department of State reported 143,116,633 valid U.S. passports in circulation in 2020. Minnesotans were issued 231,885 U.S. passports last year alone.  

 REAL ID Airport Office

The REAL ID Airport Office accepts REAL ID applications Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. by appointment only. Minnesotans can schedule their appointment for the day they fly out of MSP Terminal 1 online at They must:

• Be a ticketed passenger at MSP Terminal 1 for the day they schedule their appointment.

• Be a current Minnesota resident.

• Hold and bring a valid Minnesota driver’s license, permit or state ID. If expired, it must have expired less than one year ago.

• Complete the online pre-application. Visit to pre-apply.

• Be eligible for a REAL ID and bring all required documents.

• Bring a valid credit card for payment.

 REAL ID Required Documents

Minnesotans are required to provide additional documentation when applying for a REAL ID, compared to a standard driver’s license or ID card.

A person must provide the following in person when applying:

• One document proving identity, date of birth and legal presence in the United States.

• If the name on the identity document is not the same as a person's current name, a name change document must be submitted.

• One document proving social security number.

◦ If you have not updated your name change with the Social Security Administration, you must do so prior to applying for a Real ID.

• Two different documents proving current residency in Minnesota. 

• Must have applicant’s current legal name and current address in Minnesota. A P.O. Box will not suffice as proof of current residency in Minnesota.

Applicants must provide original documents or documents certified by the agency that issued them. DPS-DVS cannot accept laminated documents or digital documents shown on your phone or other electronic device. A full list of accepted documentation is on the REAL ID website.


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