by Andaman Sajjanadumrong, Creative Writing Class - Katie Laugen


What is it you ask?

By definition, pain is suffering or discomfort 

Caused by physical or emotional pain.

What causes it?

Perhaps cuts or broken bones physically

Or maybe emotionally by a breakup,

Death of a loved one, pet or friend?

All of the above hurt

Either physically or emotionally.

But what if I tell you

There is a pain so awful,

So terrible, so disgusting

That it combines both 

Emotional and physical pain.

My god, you might say 

What could cause such pain?

It is a terrible curse,

That Minnesotans have known

For over 60 years. 

That pain, that curse

Is none other than

The Minnesota Vikings.

Yes, you heard right

This sports franchise

Is behind all the suffering,

An endless wave 

Of pain, false hope, and tears.

A franchise full of promise

And star players

Who could never deliver

When it counted the most.

Four Super Bowl appearances

And none victorious

Numerous playoff appearances 

All met with heartbreak and anguish.

Herschel Walker?


Gary Andersen?

Missed it.


Darn dirty Saints.

Christian Ponder?

Don’t even talk about it.

Blair Walsh?

Missed that too.

2017 NFC Championship Game?

Just kill me. 

Now, you might say

Why not just walk away?

Well, it is not that easy.

Being a Vikings fan 

Is a lifelong sentence.

A prisoner,

Or a parasitic relationship.

You can’t get away.

It doesn’t matter anyway

The season is over

And with that off my chest

I can focus on other things.

You know what?

I guess there is always next year.

”Skol Vikings”!


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