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This year I was once again asked to speak at the Badger Memorial Day Celebration. Last year due to COVID we had a closed service and my message was shared right here in the newspaper. Even though we had our regular ceremony this year, I still wanted to share some of my message with all of you.

In preparation, while doing my devotions, I came across a story that I have read many times before. It is about a battle that most have never heard about.

You see before he was king over Israel, David was a commander in the army. He commanded a group of 600 men who today would be considered like our Special Forces. They had just won a major victory and were on their way back to their camp, where they had left their families and all of their valuables. When they came around a corner they saw smoke on the horizon and rushed to their camp in a town named, Ziklag.

When they arrived the town was completely burned to the ground. The wives and children were captured and all of their valuables stolen by a band of raiders.

The men were angry and began to turn on David. David quickly found a preacher and begged him to pray for guidance. The man of God told David to gather his men and pursue the raiders, God is going to give them the victory.

So David gathered his men and they took off at full speed.

About halfway they came to a creek and David looked at his men. Many were wounded from the previous battles and were growing weary. David made the command decision to have the weak and wounded stay at the creek, there was about 200 of them. He then told the other 400 to leave their excess equipment with the 200 and continue the pursuit.

The 400 came upon the camp of the raiders and just as God had promised, they prevailed. David’s men freed their wives and children and took back all that was taken. They also took what was left of the valuables from the raiders.

When the men returned victorious to the remaining 200 at the creek, they gave them back their wives and children but refused to give them any spoils. They said that because they went and fought, they deserve to have it all.

David then stepped in and made a decree that he said would last forever.

David declared that the spoils will also be shared with those who stayed behind and STAYED BY THE STUFF.

I think if I can I tell all of you something of value, something that will carry you in hard times, it would be that there is a reward when we STAY BY THE STUFF.

The men and women that we honor on Memorial Day, are people who STAYED BY THE STUFF. In the face of danger and fear, they stayed by the stuff of honor and valor.

The families that were at home while their loved one sacrificed on distant lands, STAYED BY THE STUFF.

The comrades in arms who watched a friend fall in battle, STAYED BY THE STUFF.

Even Jesus in the garden, when He was completely overwhelmed, determined that He would STAY BY THE STUFF and complete His mission.

Today we are constantly faced with situations, people, and activities that are trying to stop us from being a people who STAY BY THE STUFF.

When everyone else believes a lie, will you STAY BY THE STUFF (truth)?

When death seems like an easy way out, will you STAY BY THE STUFF (life)?

When all hope seems lost, will you STAY BY THE STUFF (faith)?

When hate seems to be the norm, will you STAY BY THE STUFF (love)?

While everyone else is running away in fear, will you STAY BY THE STUFF?

There is a blessing for those who STAY BY THE STUFF. God honors those who STAY BY THE STUFF.

So as we celebrate this Memorial Day season, maybe the best way we can do it is to STAY BY THE STUFF.

Thank you again for choosing to share this time with me. Please send in your feedback, I love to hear what each of you think.

If you need to find me, you will find me STAYING BY THE STUFF!!!!


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