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Come On Man!

It is extremely painful to watch a country we have been taught since childhood to love and respect being destroyed daily.

Some say Obama is serving his third term with a senile old man as his puppet. Sleepy Joe is definitely not capable of pulling his own strings. He said he won’t raise the taxes on the poor and middle class. Inflation out of control is as bad or worse than a tax. Jimmy Carter and his policies caused double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates. 2021 is well on the way to double digit inflation. Lumber, gas and groceries are leading the charge. Biden shut down the oilfields in wildlife areas in Alaska to save wildlife. The land actually affected amounts to a quarter on a football field. Come on man! We were energy independent for a little while, but won’t be much longer. Every penny that the price of gas goes up takes millions of dollars from many that can’t afford it. Now he wants to make eleven million illegal aliens citizens. To put in perspective Montana barely has over a million enjoying big sky country. Come on Man! He and Camella think of Memorial Day as just a long weekend. They are trying to take Christ out of Christmas, the memories of those that fought and died to make ours the greatest country on earth out of Memorial Day. They are trying to make Independence Day a moot point by making us dependent on a very corrupt government. Labor Day can go too since so many are not working because the same corrupt government pays them more not to. How much are we going to have left to be thankful for when Thanksgiving rolls around. We as a country are now sneaking up on thirty-trillion dollars of national debt. This old mathematician knows there are three zeros in a thousand, six in a million, nine in a billion and twelve in a trillion. 1,000,000,000,000.00. If a person spent one million dollars each and every day it would take over three thousand years to spend a trillion. Just a little perspective.

The present administration is trying every which way to divide our country. Using George Floyd as their poster child to defund the police is about as stupid as stupid gets. Here is his rapsheet: six burglaries, three car thefts, multiple illegal trespasses, cocaine and alcohol addiction, two violent home invasions, three armed robberies, dealing fentanyl and meth, beating four victims senseless and being arrested twenty-three times since 1998. Come on man! Just because some say our esteemed vice-president used to be a prostitute does not mean you couldn’t do better. Seventy-one percent of African Americans shot and killed are shot by other African Americans.

How much longer can a country built on lies survive? Don’t bet the farm we will still be here by 2024.

Sheldon Larson

P.S. If you are suddenly surprised that Covid was made in a lab after conspiracy theorists have been saying that for the last sixteen months, just wait til we “circle back” to the election results.


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