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United we stand. Divided we fall. No simpler yet profound words have ever been spoken. The Obama government was and still is the most devisive in the history of the greatest nation on earth. Anyone that disagrees with them in any way is racist. NOT! When an outlaw shoots another outlaw, it is the gun’s fault. When police are forced to shoot an outlaw, especially one of color, it is the police’s fault. Some people are well aware a society can’t survive without law and order. Others think they should be able to do anything they want anytime they want. Some people respect others, themselves and other people’s property. Some people respect absolutely nothing. Respect is the cornerstone of any society and pretty much has to be taught and learned in a two parent environment. There are way too many sperm donors and not enough dads in our world. Moms are quite the invention, but there are a lot of things learned only from a dad. Mostly the same people that don’t believe in law and order also have no problem with open borders. No nation can survive for long without both. Making eleven million illegal aliens citizens with a stroke of the pen is a huge insult to the good people that spent the time and effort to do it right. The birth rate in this country is now less than the death rate. That in no way justifies open borders or abortions. Some in our society have no problem murdering unborn babies and think all taxpayers should pay for it. Others don’t believe people should act like dogs with no consequences. Some are convinced freedom of speech only applies as long as they agree with the speech. Others still believe there are two sides to almost every story and that both deserve to be heard. The mask mandate and the Covid vaccine almost follows party lines. The origin of the Covid virus and the coverup that followed will go down in history as one of the biggest lies in our world’s history. The SARS virus had a fifteen percent death rate. Our government stopped administering the vaccine after fifty some people died from it. The Covid virus has less than a one percent death rate. Our wonderful know it all government is still pushing the vaccine when well over four thousand have died within two weeks and usually a lot less after getting the second dose. It has been proven time and time again the best way to gain immunity is to get and survive a disease yet they still push the “jab” on people that have had it and survived. With better than ninety-nine percent survival rate that is a very substantial number.

The highest paid public servant in this country is now being proven to also be one of our biggest liars. Take a bow Dr. Fauci! The death penalty for the little rat would not be enough. Watching him and several of his colleagues hit the end of the rope would give some closure to a lot of people. Will China ever be made to pay for what they did to the rest of the world? Extremely unlikely with Joe China large and in charge with a lot of help from his handlers. If it could be proved that anyone with the last name Trump took as much as one dollar from China, Iran and Russia they would face a firing squad at sunrise.

The Biden family whether Sleepy Joe or his brothers or son have made millions from all of the above. A little justice please? Name one democrat prosecuted for anything since William Jefferson Clinton Good luck with that. Equal justice for all? NOT! No one ever asks the winners if they lied, Adolf Hitler. The main reason they don’t ask is because you will just be fed another lie.

Some say the 2020 election was rigged while others say “no that would never happen.” Hopefully soon, very soon, proof will come out that we have a very illegitimate president at the reins. Here is a prophecy from Nostradamus. A plague shall fall upon the world. After a feeble man shall rule the western world with a jezebel. The people will be damaged and subjected by a fool ruler. The great eagle shall suffer and fall. How far off are we?

Sheldon Larson

P.S. If people want to wipe out reminders of slavery, segregation and white supremacy, we might consider getting rid of the democratic party. Dinish D’Souza

P.S.S. Sleepy Joe can eat ice cream as fast as he wants and never has to worry about brain freeze.


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