Roseau County Fair - July 18-23


by Grace Everett

Roseau County considers the annual fair a highlight of the summer each year. The lifting of COVID-19 restrictions have begun to resume lives back to, what some would consider, normal. To the rounded population of 15,000 people, this means Fair Week. This year, the Roseau County Fair will take place July 18th-23rd.

The privilege of speaking with Richard Magnusson, the secretary and manager of the fair since 2014, led me towards a couple inside details.

The Midway of the fair this year is Crescent City Amusements, founded in 2004, which is the same carnival operator we’ve had for quite a few years. Crescent City never fails to provide popular and diverse rides in order to satisfy the public. They operate over 20 rides, including thrill rides, family-favorite rides, and even rides for the kids. Crescent City participates in carnivals and fairs from Louisiana, all the way up to Minnesota. This year, Crescent City is providing a new ride, “The Soaring”’s a kind of a parachute-type spinning ride.” The popular “Rock It” will be returning this year, as well.

Some are expecting a different turnout of the fair this year, being Roseau, along with numbers of other locations, had a year-long break due to the Coronavirus. Richard shared, “What we’re hearing from other fairs is attendance has been better than ever.” Many are eager to get onto the fairgrounds this year. Because of this, “we’re kind of expecting a big fair this year.” Richard and everyone else behind the planning and organizing are working to make this year’s fair “bigger and better.” A couple additions include free admission to the swine pig races and the presence of Mango and Dango. Mango and Dango are theatrical circus performers and will be roaming around the fairgrounds “on stilts and such” for entertainment.

One major event of the fair is the Friday night firework show. Polaris sponsors the show each year, however, this year they have “added 30-40%” in order to follow the “bigger and better” style. The Demolition Derby, Bush Car Races, 4-H events, and concerts will continue this year as well.

The fair truly is a big deal this year. Richard speaks for many by stating, “everyone kind of missed this in their summer last year.” This week is going to be jam-packed with entertainment.


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