Extended Fair Time Is Requested By Many People


August 7, 2021

This is why I am being a advocate and voice for MANY people!!!!

People are so disappointed that the fair doesn’t run a whole complete weekend so everyone has a fair opportunity to attend the fair on a weekend because many people alternate weekends off and there is no fair on a weekend at all !!!!

So many miss out on attending functions in our already limited things to do senior citizens town.

There are a lot of different age groups of people here in Roseau and nothing to do for everyone’s liking.

Very sad.

The main outings for business places are bars and drinking.

That is NOT everyone’s choice to do.

The fair needs a wider variety of entertainment and food and shows like music for ALL age groups. A bundled package of entertainment for a fair price .... a car show of some sort (derby) or other ..... a concert of choice per individual age groups liking on certain days of scheduled fair time.

One day for senior citizens another day for middle aged group and another day for younger groups and then kids but still coordinate things for other age brackets.

Family night everyday...... couples night with a dance and a simple fair food meal and a show of some sort .... kids day ....have a dunk tank for children and adults with simple prizes like gift cards the max bring $25.00.

There are so many ideas.

To liven up this fair and town.

Expand your minds fair board people.... come on.

I would love to help coordinate this situation of events for next year at the fair.

And also have summer weekly family nights in the city park to keep our community involved and familiar to know people and create a family oriented town and community.

We are losing sight of the small town bond.

Don’t get the big city mentality of separation and distance and fear of not coming together like the way things used to be fun and simple.

Thank you.

Please take my suggestions to heart and serious.

I see much good in this.

Christine Buchholz


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