Rogers' on RED at Upper Red Lake


August 7, 2021

My niece Soraya and Daddy at her first Roseau County Fair!

Our first camping trip with the new camper was at Rogers' on RED. If you enjoy camping, this is a must check out area. It was peaceful and a very nice area.

Roger's Resort is located on the south shore of Upper Red Lake. It is the largest natural freshwater lake located entirely within Minnesota.

Roger's Resort is a family owned resort specializing in family camping, winter ice fishing and full service fishing trips along with many outdoor activities.

They have a main lodge with adult beverages, pizza and a pool table. The campground include RV sites and camping sites, complete with electric and water hook-ups, fire rings, picnic tables and shower access.

Our new fish house/RV edition was perfect. We made a good choice. I wasn't sure until I actually was able to use it, but I was happy with our decision on getting this one.

Even though Bro thinks camping isn't camping anymore with all the luxuries, it is! lol

We may have electricity, running water, a shower and a toilet, but it's still camping. Just an updated version.

Heck I didn't shower until I got home. A jump in the lake is always fun, tubing is a part of the fun times. We have campfires and sit around the fire and enjoy the bugs.

I may not "crap in the woods" like Bro did, but trust me we made a lot of great memories! We may camp in 2021 luxury style, but it's still camping and a lot of fun!

Camping Ham & Cheese

Crescent Sheet Breakfast


2 cans crescent roll sheets

Sliced deli ham or whatever you prefer

8 slices American cheese

4 slices of Pepperjack cheese

6 Tbsps. Dijon Mustard

Pam Cooking Spray

Aluminum foil


Start your grill.

Spread out the crescent sheet on a cutting board.

Layer on the ham first, then spread half of the Dijon mustard, next the cheeses, and then add the rest of the Dijon mustard leaving a little room at the edges. Place your second crescent roll sheet on top and pinch the edges together.

Wrap in Aluminum foil that has been sprayed with Pam Cooking Spray.

Place on the heated grill and grill until lightly golden and crescent rolls are fully cooked.

Joke of the Week

An old lady offers the bus driver some the driver happily munches them. Every 5 minutes she gives him a handful more peanuts..

Driver: Why don't you eat them yourself?

Old lady: I can't chew. Look, I have no teeth.

Driver: Then why do you buy them?

Old lady: Oh, I just love the chocolates around them!


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