"Never Trumpers"


August 28, 2021

It is totally obvious that the “Never Trumpers” will always be “Never Trumpers”. So far we live in a free country and everyone is still able to practice the first amendment. Unless you are on Facebook or Twitter that is. It is being kept quiet, but supposedly there are six hundred or so Americans being kept in jail after the January sixth fiasco. Many have not been charged, but kept locked up to keep them quiet. Meanwhile the cop that shot unarmed Ashli Babbot in the head instantly killing her has been completely exonerated. Being a white military veteran sure gets you different treatment then being a black criminal! The truth of what happened that day hopefully didn’t get buried so deep it will never see the light of day. Many Fake News worshippers as the “Never Trumpers” have their minds made up and truth will never make even a tiny bit of difference. Anyone with even a tiny dose of common sense knows that when you occupy a country that just happens to be mostly made up of people that hate us when you have spent trillions of dollars, lost thousands of lives, crippled for life even more, when you leave you get your civilians out first, your equipment out second and military personnel out last. Not so Sleepy Joe! We still have a mostly unknown or at least untold number of Americans stranded there completely at the mercy of the Taliban. We left a fifty plus billion dollar wish list of arms and ammunition for our enemies. Those hated armalite rifles, sniper rifles, nightvision equipment, humvees, Blackhawk helicopters and a ton of shells. You could put almost anyone from any assisted living facility in this country in charge and it would have been handled better!

The president administration has brought stupid to a level never thought possible. How some can say that Dr. Fauci investing millions of taxpayer dollars for gain of function research in the Wuhan lab in China did nothing wrong is another fine example. Leaking an enhanced virus all over the world while containing it at home is either the stupidest thing the Chinese could have done, or an act of war. The Chinese are anything but stupid, make up your own mind. Now Fauci says the third jab will save you. Meanwhile the vast majority of hospital patients worldwide have already had two. Our wonderful news system treats us all like mushrooms. They keep us in the dark and feed us a steady diet of horsecrap. The good part is that the fake news are losing their audience daily. It is a wonderment how an administration will arm a sworn enemy to the teeth and try to disarm its own citizens at the same time. Hmmm, nothing wrong here!

Anyone that buys gas has noticed a change at the pumps. How do you the “Never Trumpers” like Sleepy Joe now? He brought us from energy independent as in exporting oil and two dollar gas to begging OPEC to pump more oil in less then six months. He shut down our pipeline costing us billions and gave the green light for Russia to build one into Germany, making Russia billions. America last again.

Now to add to the millions coming across our southern border unvetted and untested for disease being transported at taxpayer expense to a city near you, with not so much as a heads up to the areas they are dumped in, now we are flying in thousands of Afghans also unvetted and untested for disease. How many are spreading disease and how long until there are terrorist attacks on our own soil carried out with our own weapons? Stupid or criminal? Our very own governor goofy or porky pig as some call him is saying come one, come all to Minnesota. How can a person move from a foreign country and be allowed to hold government office without being at least second generation American? There are too many imports bringing government that didn’t work in their homeland to ours. Will it work better here? My grandpa said fifty years ago that when there are more riding the wagon than pulling the wagon won’t move. Our wagon has quit moving and being on a slippery slope is going backwards and picking up speed. Many, including yours truly, vastly underestimated Sleepy Joe being able to mess everything up so bad so incredibly fast. Still the polls say that five percent of Americans believe he is doing a good job. This old farmer is blessed to know a few of them, and I used to value their judgement and respect their intelligence. USED TO!

Sheldon Larson

P.S. Do we still celebrate Labor Day when so few are working? Just wondering.

P.S.S. Due mostly to loved ones lost and our political climate 2020 and 2021 were dumpster fires.


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