Katie Borowicz will be sidelined this basketball season


November 13, 2021

Katie Borowicz

by Jeff Olsen

Not running up and down the court for the Lady Gophers basketball team this season will be a big adjustment for Katie, 18, a total team player.

"I've been down at the U since June," she said last Sunday, presently at home in Roseau recovering from surgery on November 1 at Gillette Children's Hospital in the Twin Cities.

"I didn't get hurt in practice," she said, explaining that she began experiencing problems with headaches and her spine, which caused numbness and tingling in her legs.

She will be back on the court with the Lady Gophers next season.

"I'm on a medical redshirt," she said, adding that she won't be able to do anything physical for the next three months.

Coach Lindsay Whalen has been very encouraging, and Katie credits her teammates as being super supportive.

"I was planning to play through it, but the symptoms got really bad that I could hardly function in practice."

Did you cry after learning your season was over?

"I was upset," she said.

Katie, the daughter of David and Tracy Borowicz, is an athlete and a competitor. This setback won't get the best of her. She radiates optimism.

She's done a lot in her young life, playing on the outstanding Roseau Ram state tournament basketball teams, including being a big contributor in the 2017 state championship team, and then joining the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers women's basketball team in what would have been her senior year with Roseau in the 2020-2021 school year.

Last Sunday, she talked about returning to the U of M within the next few weeks.

"I might start my rehab and stuff, doing anything that I can, and being there for my team."

She lives on campus at the Radius Apartments, which is near the practice facility.

"I'm still taking classes," she said, and was asked about her post college plans.

"I want to coach, but I'm not quite sure if it will be a full-time job, or if I am going to do something else while doing that. We'll see. I'm not quite sure at what level that would be at."

She plans to double major in psychology and business and marketing.

For an exceptional athlete, she will be relegated to the sidelines, much like those Major League Baseball pitchers who undergo Tommy John surgery and miss an entire season.

"It's going to be really hard to sit out these next few months," she said, admitting that she has never heard of Tommy John arm surgery.

She will be sure to look it up.


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