The Black Dwarf - Artwork by Evan Osweller


November 13, 2021

Artwork by: Evan Osweiler

Artwork by Evan Osweller: Roseau Community School,

Art Teacher and Supervisor: Mary Vatnsdal

Certain it is that of those qualities

We are enamored which we most do lack.

So he, fantastic out of human guise,

Bent, broken, bowed, small, apish, humped of back,

Marred in the mint, perfection's contrary,

To sweet perfection found his marred life thrall,

And--the great artist without jealousy--

Knew beauty more than all.

Much he loved flowers and their frail loveliness,

But if they pined thro' blight or thirsty want,

Or spiteful wind had made his blossom...

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