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Roseau Times-Region is the Official Roseau County Newspaper

by Jeff Olsen

There was a changing of the guard during Tuesday's Roseau County Board meeting as District 1 Commissioner John Horner is the chair of the Roseau County Board for the year 2022.

"John is the new chair because of the annual rotation," said District 2 Commissioner Jack Swanson, who will assume the position in 2023 and is the vice chair for 2022.

The rotation goes in order from District 1 to District 5 in successive years.

Official Newspaper

"The Roseau Times-Region is the official paper of the county," said Mr. Swanson, adding that the Greenbush Tribune held that honor in 2021.

"Greenbush's bid for the official paper was $4.05 while Roseau's was $6.65."

He also explained that they had to pick a second publication for the second printing of the financial statement, and it couldn't be in the same newspaper.

"Greenbush's bid was $4.99 and the Times-Region's bid was $7.65," he said, noting that the Times-Region has a circulation of approximately 2,500 while the Tribune's circulation is approximately 500.

"Roseau is the official paper, and we're paying $6.65 an inch in the Roseau paper. Then, we'll pay $4.99 an inch in the Greenbush paper for the second publication of the financial statement, which is required by statute.


"The longest portion of the meeting was determining committee assignments," said Swanson, estimating that there are approximately 100 committee assignments.

"We just kind of divide it, and you get the ones you're interested in," he said following the meeting.

The Rodents

The Commissioners left the beaver bounty at $60 and raised the pocket gopher bounty from $2.50 to $3.50.

How much does the county pay out for pocket gophers?

"I don't know the exact number," he said, explaining that these bounty hunters have to show two gopher feet.

"Townships also pay bounties in addition to the county's bounty," said Mr. Swanson, who laughed when asked if he can tell the difference between the front and back legs of a gopher.

"Thankfully, I don't have to look at them. I have no idea," he said, adding that most of the pocket gophers are in the western part of the county and there are lots of them.

It's mostly kids who are trapping the pocket gophers, according to Mr. Swanson.


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