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Write On: Our Lady Of The Shadows (Artwork by: Hannah Dahl)

Artwork by: Hannah Dahl

Roseau Community School

Art Teacher and Supervisor:

Mary Vatnsdal

A Nation spoke to a Nation.

A Queen sent word to a Throne:

"Daughter am I in my mother's house

But mistress in my own.

The gates are mine to open,

As the gates are mine to close,

And I set my house in order,"

Said our Lady of the Snows.

"Neither with laughter nor weeping,

Fear or the child's amaze--

Soberly under the White Man's law

My white men go their ways.

Not for the Gentiles' clamor--

Insult or threat of blows--

Bow we the knee to Baal,"

Said our Lady of the Snows.

"My speech is clean and single,



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