January 22, 2022

I will start by saying that we have received numerous calls, texts, emails, messages and letters thanking us for the article we put in the paper.

Myron's eldest son, who was a Nurse Supervisor in the Covid ward in a hospital in North Carolina, stayed with us and spent as much time as the hospital would allow with his dad, those last 9 days. He would text me daily with updates on his dad's condition and asked me to forward his texts on to twelve other family members. Our hearts were breaking with each new update. Was this dishonoring my brother?

We asked Myron's eldest son to proofread and make any changes necessary to our letter to the editor. He approved 100%, so we had no uncertainty when we put it in the paper.

We have been informed that five people have now gotten the vaccine after seeing a healthy person die of this horrible virus. Thank God for helping them make that important decision.

I have a hard time believing that someone would question the love I had for my brother. I'm 72 and was there for him from birth to death at 60 years, as he was for me. I miss him stopping by to visit on his way over to work on restoring the home we grew up in. Which Russ and I helped him with when we could. Was this dishonoring my brother?

As far as revealing his 'very private health information'; we laid out a timeline to his death so others could see how a serious covid case turns out We did not reveal all of what he went through. Ask his oldest Son, he was there by his dad's side. His dad was only able to use sign language because he needed all the oxygen from the BiPaP for his failing lungs. This is grim, but necessary, to make people aware of what severe covid patients could go through.

Most people are aware that there has to be a special ward, in the hospital, which has limited beds, along with limited access, so covid doesn't spread throughout the hospital! When very ill, unvaccinated patients, decide they need a doctor it may be too late to reverse the damage already done. The doctors and nurses on the frontlines are not Miracle Workers. For those of you who think this is just the flu, maybe you should volunteer at the hospital in the covid ward so you could experience first hand what the patient and staff go through!

Your five paragraphs in your letter where you rambled on about, 'broad generalizations' had nothing to do with our article about the seriousness of covid.

I still do not understand why some people are against the covid vaccines. The vaccines have been proven to save lives and lessen the chance of being hospitalized. When I was young, we would all line up in the school gymnasium for our shots. When our kids were in school, they all needed proof of their shots before they could start school. Those vaccines have prevented many diseases from spreading. So, what has changed? There was a lot less testing then, yet smallpox and polio are no longer heard of. Is it political for those that refuse to be vaccinated? The former president on "The History Tour" with Bill O'Reilly Live in Dallas, December 21, 2021. Bill O'Reilly states, "The president and I both have been Vaxxed" and then asked the former president if he had gotten the booster. The former president said, "YES" as some of his followers booed him in the audience. Bill O'Reilly stated "so have I." The former president taking credit for his administration developing the vaccines, stated, "Vaccines have saved tens of millions of lives worldwide."

It was said we were dishonoring Myron to push our personal view on to others. No, we were defending him so his death will not all be in vain. I feel strongly that you dishonored him and our whole family with your article, but hopefully you got out your anger and frustration, that you spoke of. It was a pretty low blow after all we have gone through. You think quoting Bible verses make your statements all ok! You have no idea how many prayer chains we had going for my brother.

Was this dishonoring my brother?

When your statement was made that "God helps those who help themselves" is not a biblical statement. We never suggested it was. It was a phrase we heard often throughout the years. Like a Minister told of the man drowning; first a rowboat came by, then a motorboat came by, then a helicopter all tried to save him, but he had faith and was praying that God would save him. And so, he died. He then asked God, “Why didn't you save me?" God said, "I tried three times but you refused my help. that is how we feel about the covid vaccines.

Myron’s youngest son and family flew in from NC to say their goodbyes to Myron. He passed peacefully that evening. The family was grateful for how caring and passionate the hospital staff was with their dad.

Myron's family was grieving and overwhelmed. They didn't know where to begin. Some family stayed with us and the others with Myron's companion of ten years. We helped them in our time of grieving, with writing the obituary, meeting with the funeral home, the minister, financial arrangements to cover costs, the banks he had accounts with, the attorney, utility companies, etc. We did this because of the deep love for Myron. Was this dishonoring my brother?

The night Myron passed I had a vision. I saw our mom, (Grandma Rosie, as a lot of people knew her), with her arms outstretched, Myron's twin brother, Marlowe, by her side, brother Louie tugging at her shirt, and Dad all at the gates of heaven as Myron walked into her embrace. That night I finally slept.

RoseEllen Iverson


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