God We Need You Now


February 12, 2022

This old farmer got his Times-Region today and when reading my letter to the editor found not one but two misprints. The one that was supposed to say “If you don’t have to show an I.D. to vote you shouldn’t have to, to buy a hunting or fishing license” said that you shouldn’t have to buy a hunting or fishing license. Thanks a lot. This old man doesn’t need any help getting in grief with our beloved D.N.R.! You missed a to. The second was “even a small percentage of illegal invaders coming into this country being criminals would be more than the good people in this county”. They added an “r” and turned county into country. Just a tiny difference in population. 3500 county close to 300 million country. Lose the “r”!

What do Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and John Kerry have in common? They all have children getting paid huge dollars in Ukraine for doing basically nothing serving on different boards like Burrisma. One can only imagine the uproar if one of the Trump children did that! Why do they keep getting away with threatening the sanctity and sovereignty of our nation? Daniel Webster defines treason as betraying ones country to an enemy. Does the line get crossed only when belonging to the wrong party or having the wrong last name? Come on man. Anyone in this world, anywhere in this world, that does not believe we are sitting on a powder keg ready to explode is not paying attention. There seems to be a few that have bought unlimited power with their unlimited wealth. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely if you will. They are a threat to our world as we know it and its very existence. How to deal with them God only knows and maybe only He can. God we need you now! This is much bigger than a democrat or republican problem or a USA, China or Russian problem. Our world has been pushed to the edge, and is barely hanging on. One more time, God we need you now.

Mortal man has created a problem too big to get out of by ourselves. Why is it our media can’t go one day or even one newscast, national or local, without Covid numbers? Why don’t they mention that nearly eighty percent of Covid cases in the hospitals in Israel are double vaxxed and boosted? The lowest in hospitals for Covid are India and Africa. Some of the most densely populated countries in the world. What are they doing differently? Passing out Ivermectin by the truckload! One needs to see a doctor and get a prescription to get some here.

A lot of people are using what can be purchased at veterinary supply stores with no apparent ill effects. And some say it is all about the money! Our neighbors and friends to the north are in the news bigtime lately. As usual the fake news on both sides of the border are telling half truths and outright lies about what is going on. It will hurt and hurt bad, but hopefully U.S. truckers will make a show of solidarity.

Sheldon Larson

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that most of our politician are like slinkies? Good for nothing but to make you smile when pushed down a flight of stairs.

P.S.S. Why is it that when someone not a cop shoots someone it is the guns fault. Come on man! Most of us aren’t that stupid. More people in this country are killed with fists and feet than long guns. It will take a minor miracle to make it through November and a major miracle to have an honest election.

P.S.S.S. Law enforcement officers have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution not the government! Not even close to the same anymore.

The Wisconsin state assembly held a hearing last week on its ongoing investigation of the 2020 election. Joe Biden supposedly won Wisconsin by 20,682 votes. The results uncovered by the investigation show this is impossible, unless a person willfully decides to believe in unicorns and other fairytales. If Wisconsin’s results were on the up-and-up teams of scientists should be headed there now to explore the extraordinary good health of elderly Wisconsinites. If their 2020 election results are accurate, then the state has more then 100,000 active voters who are over the age of 124. Wisconsin was one of the swing states that simultaneously stopped counting ballots on election night. Several hours later, in the dead of night, 211,000 ballots were entered into the system. 80% Biden and 20% Trump. All the counting observers had been sent home hours ago and no counting was supposed to take place during those hours. Perhaps the most shocking discovery was there are 569,277 voters in the system who registered to vote on Jan. 1, 1918. That was two years before women’s suffrage, so all the registrants were men. That was before the voting age was 18, so they all were at least 21. If alive today they would be 124. They are all dead by now, right? So what is the problem? 115,252 of them cast ballots in the 2020 election. That is 5.5 times more votes than Biden’s 20,682 vote margin of “victory”. The world’s oldest man was 112. Would someone please explain the incredible longevity of those 115,252 voter who cast ballots at the age of 123. Either the election was fraudulent and stolen or Wisconsin has an astonishing number of 124 year old men! Nothing to see here.


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