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Emersyn Jo is Roseau County's 2022 Groundhog Day Baby

by Jeff Olsen

What a memorable date: 2/2/22!

Just mere hours after giving birth to Roseau County's only baby born at LifeCare Medical Center on Groundhog Day 2022, Taylor (née Shaw) Hamilton, a 2012 Roseau High School graduate, delightfully talked about her newborn daughter, Emersyn Jo.

"We went back and forth for a little bit on how to spell it. We decided 'y' was a little more feminine."

Taylor is not rookie at motherhood.

"We have a son, he's two and a half, and his name is Hayes Wilder Hamilton," she said.

And now, she and her husband, Keegan, have Emersyn Jo.

She laughed when asked if the...


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