I've always said I didn't ask to be born


April 23, 2022

Migrant Mother - photo by Dorothea Lange, 1936

Let's start with the less serious concerns, which is the price of everything from gas to potato chips to puppy chow.

Cigarettes are out of this world!

Copenhagen, too.

I hear the complaints, and I complain, too.

Still, I am an astute observer of far too many people right here in our fine community.

They're pissed off about the rising gasoline prices.

Yet, on the Wednesdays when I frequent this community, I walk by running cars and trucks parked at SuperOne, the C-Store, Mattson's Pharmacy, and downtown.

It isn't like it's 40 below.

It's in the range of 20 above, and these melonheads, who g...

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