Can't Have It Unless You Live


As the Russian comedian from years ago used to say. What a country! The first thing that came to mind for this cynical old farmer when hearing of the Scotus leak was what are they trying to distract us from now? Maybe the southern not the border, the completely out of control inflation, our very own Secretary of Agriculture being involved in the burning to the ground of our food processing plants, wanting another thirty-three billion with a B for Ukraine? Those large and in charge think they can spend thirty-three billion with no transparency as to where it is all going. At the same time they want to know where every purchase or sale six hundred dollars or more is coming and going. Come on man! Just a tiny helping of common sense please. The good citizens of what hopefully is still the greatest country on earth need to spend some time studying the rise and reign of Adolf Hitler. Our present administration is following his playbook way too closely! He would never have been able to do the pure evil that he did without millions of followers. Its a pretty safe bet there were no gay pride parades under his watch. The Jewish people were his main target, but gypsies, homosexuals and anyone with any deformity were to be eliminated. I once said that when I die it will be less of a disappointment if there is no heaven than if there is no hell. There is absolutely no doubt there are both, but many need to pay or be held accountable for what they got away with while on earth. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

In today’s world there are probably more forms of birth control than at any time in the history of man. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure comes to mind. This old farmer would have no problem paying for the sterilization of any man or woman that doesn’t want to be a mom or dad with tax dollars. Then why should those of us that believe abortion is another word for murder have to pay to murder babies? Scotus is not eliminating abortion, only letting the states control it. Liberal cities and states seem to have no problem with any crime, murder included, so go to a liberal city in a liberal state and do what you have to do. There were peaceful protests with peaceful molotov cocktails burning police cars and police stations along with private family owned businesses in our very own Twin Cities not that long ago. The fake news reporters stood there talking about the peaceful protests with fires everywhere behind them. When a policeman has to kill a black man that was never taught to listen they take to the streets and raise total hell. Yet at the same time more black men are killed by other black men then there were black men killed in the Vietnam War! Are some people raised as such animals that that is the only thing they know? It is a sad fact of life that life on the streets is unforgiving and extremely brutal. The concrete jungle defines it best. Most of us whether we like it or not are very much a product of our environment. Most definitely not all.

Sheldon Larson

P.S. There can be no life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if there is no life.

P.S.S. Are we finally free at last from the bonds of what many consider the worst winter in recent memory? With the cost of inputs for farmers it has to majorly temper the hope and optimism of a new season. Retirement and still sort of healthy is good!


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