With Mr. T, the ballplaying crooner and college professor


Phyllis and Ernie dancing with granddaughter Sophia

by Jeff Olsen

These days, Dr. Ernie W. Teie, who could throw a sweet curveball in his prime - besides singing some of the classics in his deep baritone voice - had an admission.

"I'm getting old, I'm 94-years-old now," he said last week speaking from Brainerd.

Earlier that same day, Jerome Rice, one of his 1955 Roseau High School graduate choir students, which is a very long time ago and therefore he is old too, mentioned what a great gentleman Mr. Teie was as their RHS choir director.

The more Mr. Rice spoke, the more interesting Mr. Teie came across. He had been a heckuva ballplayer.

Once, E...

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