Just a chance to share some memories


The colorful Steve "Dog" Furuseth with a friend in 1989

It's tough to get old.

My future isn't bright.

Sooner or later, I will be very dead, and that bothers me.

Who the hell is going to write my obituary?

I do have some last requests.

If my old friend, Oliver Ullman, stumbles upon my almost dead carcass, he has promised to put a pinch of Copenhagen in my lower lip.

There is nothing better than a pinch of snus after eating a pepperoni pizza and drinking several cold Busch Lights.

Once, my wife said, "Ugh, you kissed me and I tasted Copenhagen!"

Death will be sweeter with that pinch.

Maybe 30 years ago, Daryl "Big D" Mickelson, my son Gump, and I...

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