Come On Man!!!


One of the biggest mysteries of our world as we know it is how the Devil makes the road to Hell so attractive. According to the latest poll the party taking us down that road at breakneck speed now has only a twenty-nine percent approval rating. It is extremely hard to believe that it is that high.

The spiritual, moral, and financial decay in what was once a great country is disgusting and sickening. Almost everyone in this great land knows someone or at least of someone that has overdosed on fentanyl. Go back in history and see how well it worked out for the Native Americans when thousands of unwelcome guests invaded their land.

Today the thousands are counted in millions! It is really difficult to predict a happy ending to our open border. Those temporarily in charge want everyone to vote without showing any proof of citizenship. If they can possibly make it happen 2020 might just be an honest election. Now the federal government is suing states that want voters to show I.D. to vote. Come on man! Really?

A suggestion on how to prevent mass shootings is to make getting a gun as difficult as it is to vote Do you want them mailed out to everyone? The Highland Park shooter had been on the police “watch list” for three years. He was still able to twist and turn through the red flag laws. Laws not enforced are worse than no laws at all. It has been suggested that victims and families of victims be able to sue liberal mayors, cities, and states for making them defenseless against such crimes. Our whole country has gotten to be a lawless society. The SCOTUS made open carry legal in all fifty states.

Sometimes the best and only way to fight fire is with fire. Meanwhile the left would rather kill an innocent baby who is the product of rape. Then use a gun to prevent the rape. There is a very good reason women are buying guns and learning how to use them like never before.

If we got rid of cars there would be no more people killed by drunk drivers. The law doesn’t blame the car. It puts full blame on the driver. Getting rid of spoons would have minimal impact on the number of fat people. People ate for a long time with just their fingers. There will be no society and soon no country without law and order. Re-elect Steve Gust. Common sense in law enforcement is a rare commodity but nontheless appreciated. Our world is getting harder to tell the truth from a lie all the time. Facebook blocks the truth, twitter bans it, Google hides it, YouTube deletes it, Government censors it, and the media never mentions it. We the people are being lied to all day every day and twenty-nine percent can’t or won’t catch on. At present there is no known cure for STUPID! So sad and oh so true.

Sheldon Larson

P.S. They said Noah was crazy too. Then the rains came and the fact checkers all drowned.

P.S.S. Al Gore preaching climate change uses the same amount of electricity as thirty four average households. Practice what you preach?

P.S.S.S. Eighty three percent that tested positive for Omicron were fully vaccinated. Last year it was tough to climb out of the boat onto the dock at Warroad. Someone wished the lake was a bit higher. This year you can’t even see the dock. Always be careful what you wish for.


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