Corridor Trail Groundbreaking


Rob Warren (WCD Board member - UND/Grand Forks); Adam Deathe (WCD President/CEO); Loren Arveson (Roseau Lake of the Woods Sportsman Club); Myles Hogenson (Roseau Lake of the Woods Sportsman Club); Cyndy Renfrow (WCD Chair of the Board); Chuck Lindner (WCD Trails Stakeholder team member); John Burkel (State Legislator - District 01A); Bob Marvin (Warroad City Mayor); Kathy Lovelace (Warroad City Administrator - WCD Trails Stakeholder team member)

by Laurel Latham

Warroad Community Development, in partnership with the city of Warroad, hosted a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday, July 19, at 11 a.m., on a new multi-use trail at the trailhead site near the intersection of Highway 11 and 313. The 16 mile trail will provide opportunities for numerous outdoor activities from biking, running, walking, horseback, and ATV riding to snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling.

"The railbed that runs parallel to Highway 11 for 6.5 miles to just west of the powerline has a good foundation," explains Myles Hogenson, Roseau Lake of the Woods Sportsman Club member. "We will add class 5 gravel to the existing foundation, and calcium chloride to keep the dust down. When the trail turns toward Bemis Hill, geo grid underlayment and road base granite will be added to the old grade road that is already there. It's another 10.5 miles to Bemis Hill from the powerlines. The trail will be 12-16 feet wide on the railbed and 8 feet wide on the old grade road. Local contractors are building the multi-use trail and because we only have one trail for our residents and tourists, we have to make it a good one. The trail should be open in four weeks."

"We are working to build a great relationship with the DNR," reports Cyndy Renfrow, WCD Chair of the Board. "The Warroad Trailhead Project is split into three phases. Phase 1: Warroad-Beltrami Island State Forest Multi-Use Trail. The trail from Warroad to Bemis Hill will connect our area to 250 miles of more trail. Phase 11: Improved safe access by foot and bicycle within the Warroad area neighborhoods, public school complex, and commercial district. Phase 111: Warroad Trailhead connection with Rainy River Resorts and Lake of the Woods County. The first phase is made possible by a Federal Recreational grant and generous support provided by sponsors City of Warroad, LifeCare Medical Center, Marvin, Polaris, Roseau County, and Warroad Area Community Fund."

"The corridor trail is going to be beautiful; an amazing asset to our community by putting us on the map as the gateway to Beltrami Island State Forest," explains Chuck Lindner. "We currently have Lake of the Woods and our hockey program, and once the corridor trail is completed, we will have access to the forest, a natural resource that is now underutilized. People often move to our area for the lifestyle that is offered here first, and look for a job second.

The corridor trail will be one more tool in our community's toolbox and convenient for blueberry picking, wild mushroom hunting, birdwatching and numerous outdoor recreational activities. There will be cultural signage and rest stops with picnic tables along the trail. The corridor trail will be both a beautiful and safe trail."

"The trail is an awesome opportunity for growth," added Steve Hagen. "We have a great life here in northern Minnesota. This will bring in tourists who will shop at our shops and stay in our hotels. It's a wonderful marketing opportunity to bring in more residents to fill our schools."

John Burkel, State Legislator, District 01A pointed out the struggle that many employers have attracting enough employees to the numerous jobs available in Roseau County.

"The multi-use trail will promote economic development and unify the region," said John Burkel. "The Regional Park Certification has been completed and everything is ready to progress with the trail."

New Warroad Community President and CEO, Adam Deathe, was introduced at the multi-use trail groundbreaking. Adam Deathe will take over for Cyndy Renfrow who previously held the position as WCD President. With an accent clearly from across the pond, Adam is enthusiastically looking forward to his new position in Warroad.

"Thank you for the warm welcome," said Adam, with a generous smile. "What really drew me to Warroad was the strong sense of community. Warroad Community Development will build on that strength, as well as study other communities and how we can continue to improve and develop our area."

WCD is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose charter is: To create a lasting experience for residents and visitors alike in building the "best small town in America where people choose to live, work and play because their souls are at peace here."


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