A Joyful Update


October 15, 2022

I am the lady who left two packages on Hwy 11 in Roseau a couple of weeks ago. The Roseau Times took my request of finding those purchases seriously, and posted an ad, asking for help in getting them back. I GOT THEM BACK! Someone had noticed our group as we were getting in the car, having some rearranging to do in the back seat, and my leaving two bags outside. This wonderful young lady saw them, and picked them up. As a result of her honesty, I have a new lanyard to wear to work, and matching earrings, I have a photo book to put recently taken pictures in, my daughter-in-law will have some fun holiday nail polish strips to wear, and a cool gift will be going to a newborn very soon. This is an excellent reminder to all of us: Most people are good. Yes, most people are good.


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