Marvin's Million Mile Club


October 22, 2022

Front Row: Brian Major, 26 years 7 months, Marvin Starren, 39 years 5 months, Robert Russell, 36 years 6 months, Les Bjerk, 38 years 8 months, Daryl Johnson, 14 years 5 months, Jason Christianson, 22 years 10 months Back Row: John McLaughlin, 28 years, Chris Qualley, 36 years 2 months

by Shelly Nelson

Recently Marvin Windows and Doors of Warroad, honored an elite group of employees. They celebrated their dedication, devotion and drive in understanding of the vital role they play in the success of the company. The company they have called "home" for over 240 years cumulatively. The 'Youngest' of the bunch clocking in 14 years, 5 months. The "Veteran" yielding 39 years, 5 months.

Who is this group that deserves such a huge round of applause from all of Warroad for what their hard work brings to this community's success? It is the eight hard-working transportation drivers who have achieved membership into the Million Mile Club. Achieving 1 million miles, some multiple times over, accident free! Even outside of Marvin, logistics professionals agree; the one million safe miles marker is a difficult and commendable moment in a driving career.

Drivers who achieved this designation were invited to Marvin's Warroad headquarters, with a guest, to be recognized and celebrated with CEO Paul Marvin, President Darrin Peterson, Senior Vice President & General Counsel Steve Tourek, Vice President of Operations Greg York and Senior Director of Enterprise Risk Management Scott Weislow, among others. Here they received their plaques of recognition, along with their "badge" of success; The coveted jacket highlighting each of their individual achievements of miles earned.

When asked what the public should know about the vital role the drivers of the Logistics Team play in the overall success of Marvin as a whole, Seth Johnson- Logistic Director stated: "Marvin drivers are truly the face of our company. Our dealer partners across the nation often have the opportunity to interact with their Marvin driver more than almost any other Marvin team member. That means providing an exceptional level of customer service and building trust are essential to this role. Drivers also manage the handling and care of our award-winning, made-to-order windows and doors, ensuring products arrive to our customers defect-free. They are also responsible for safe driving and working within a safe fleet. But above all, our drivers don't just know how to drive – they work by Marvin's values, understand the importance of customer connection and represent Marvin every day."

What a powerful statement that each of these gentlemen are honored to uphold. According to Seth: "At Marvin, our Logistics Team has a critical role in Marvin's success. Recognizing their incredible contributions and accomplishments is our honor and privilege. We believe that people choose to work at organizations where they execute meaningful work, discover career advancement opportunities, work toward an inspiring purpose guided by shared values, and receive recognition for a job well done. "

What a great team to be a part of. Seth's final comments were about encouraging anyone contemplating such a rewarding career opportunity to reach out. They are always excited to speak with qualified candidates: "To pursue a transportation and logistics career with Marvin, please visit to review current transportation team opportunities." - Seth Johnson


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