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Golfer Kenny Battles Comes At Life With Zest

by Jeff Olsen

On Sunday, Mr. Battles mentioned he was 68 and was told that he didn't sound that old.

"Well, I golf a lot," he laughed.

A week ago Friday at the Warroad Estates, he got a hole in one while golfing with a couple of pals, Gary Pieper and Dick Merriman.

He's no hack on the golf course with his 11 handicap.

Plus, he shoots in the low eighties.

What hole was it on?

"It was on number 16, and I was using a 5 iron," he said, estimating a distance of somewhere in the range of 130 yards.

See it roll in?

"No, I didn't. The three of us went up there looking for it. Gary said, 'I think it mi...


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