December 17, 2022

There are many celebrations this time of year. Celebrations of thanks, celebrations of blessings, celebrations of wins at the rink, on the court, or for anyone like me, celebrations in the kitchen because neither the food, nor the house burnt to a crisp!

There are also silent celebrations for some this time of year, and sometimes those are just that. Silent. It may be the child who figured out a math equation they have struggled with over and over for weeks. A child who finally got some court or ice time- much less them making an assist, goal or basket- however has been taught not to make a big deal about it because it was still a team effort. It may be a teacher who finally was able to figure out a way to break the shy kid out of their shell, if even for a minute. A teacher who watched one of his or her students who helped that child by using kindness and inclusion.

It may even be a mom who took a deep breath and did not lose her “crap” because she was overwhelmed and that one last “tween sass'' was going to send her over the edge. Of course, this would not be myself- but I have heard from other mothers…..Wink.

It may be a father who was able to save enough to get that one gift they know will make their child’s morning Christmas Day, or the husband who after working so hard for the whole year sits down to feast on his or her family's little traditional meal and smiles, because it was all worth it.

Some of the “silent” celebrations can be very emotional because they are celebrations of what someone has overcome in that minute, that hour, day or year. It may have been saying kind words to someone who had just hurt them with their words minutes before. It may be that they empowered themselves to say no to a commitment they knew would be too much for them at that moment. It may be continuing to keep a smile on their face in times of stress at school, or work, or even pressing through a child’s game despite the rest of the world weighing on their shoulders.

The best celebration for some is just getting through the season, missing loved ones who are not present. They may not be present physically due to a loss. They may not be present due to a falling out. They may be present, but not present mentally and emotionally. But a celebration is still worthy for the ones who feel the “loss” and still hammer through.

In any of these circumstances, the celebrations can be ripped away by those who do not understand the silence of them. By judgment from those looking at the “big” picture of someone's life they see, not knowing their full story, their journey.


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